Daily Dose .006


So close to posting .007 =P

Most news is around the upcoming patch. I like patches. I don’t like patches that change everything that has to do with classes. It seems the most cliche comment about patches/classes is the only thing for sure is ‘change’. Don’t get used to your spec. Play it your spec to the best of your ability but don’t ‘care’ for it. Am I speakin to the choir here? Maybe.

  • New Druid Q&A I really need to level my Drood up. Soon. Like all my other 54 toons.
  • New Armory App for the iPhone. Works like the online version. Hope they make it for BlackBerry users so they can stop the ‘hate’ on us Apple users. I’ve never seen such hypocrisy of completely retarded animosity towards those that use iPhone/iTouch vs. BlackBerry. Really? Just when the media war of PC/Mac was cooling down they BRING US BACK IN!!! (Corleone sounding) to ‘fight’ over which is the best phone. Who fucking cares. If you like something you like it…spend less time hating on others and more time on self improvement through masterbation. Because everyone knows Apple > All.
  • All New Fan Art!  Some fantastical works here. I love the “Pets” one.
  • Recently contract cancelled has spurned China to investigate illegal activities…..aka… we need a large kickback THEN you can play WoW in China. Wonder how much Blizzard will  have to pay off the officials….can they pay in Fish Feasts & Rice? I will make a wager WoW is not down and out in China…money talks.

Weekends almost here! Maybe I can get Wootbeer some levels in..and maybe some Argent Dawn. Recently been playing/organizing Magic the Gathering cards/decks. It’s calling me… *juggles*



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6 responses to “Daily Dose .006

  1. I’ll see your Magic the Gathering cards/decks and raise you an Eye of Judgement for PS3.

  2. Uhm Do I need to find my original (1.0) AD&D books to win this geekfest?

  3. I see your 1.0 and pull out my Issue #1 of ‘The Duelist’!


  4. Uh… OK you won this round, but just you wait! I know I have something even older and geekier somewhere.

  5. Sam

    “Twisty little passages, all different”
    “Little twisty passages, all the same”

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