I typed an entirely too long post about this weeks ‘happenings’ then deleted it. Twice. Those that left – sans Loggy- I understand your situation. I know. And yes, I’m sure you will be there for ‘help’ as so many have whispered me. Thank You. Sokym tends to put things in a certain light for me and even if I log in tonight and see he’s gone I will understand that as well. He made some very fine points lastnight about how certain nuances happen. The inner workings on why certain people do certain things.

I do want to make a point. I AM very ‘approachable’. Of all the things Loggy said, that was complete bullshit it was that statement. “You are unapproachable”. He should have said “I (loggy) can’t approach you”. Once things like these cross the line of personal then all pretense is out the window. The irony of the it all was NO ONE came to me in any form to talk to me about what they wanted out of OS. Not one.

These things happen to all guilds, new wants and needs and I’ve been through this more than a few times since my playing MMO’s. “I’m a veteran of the psychic wars” if I can paraphrase a Blue Oyster Cult song from HEAVY METAL.

I do wish my formers all the purples they so desprately want and there time in the game is rewarding. I’ve said it many times, these games are nothing without friends. Nice to see everyone still ‘together’.

To those who are still in The Old School – I’m still going with the ideals of playing for fun and casual. Will I be online everynight? No. Will I continually lead instances, quests to your own hearts desire? No. I believe you can do it yourselves without someone ‘leading’ you, but there are those that simply like to follow. I’m the GM for different reasons, I lead based on personal friendships and my own inner goals. I will continue to take 1-2 week breaks knowing full well the consequences of others taking advantage of my downtime with my family. I will continue to have an ‘open door’ when anyone wants to talk, tell me their concerns, needs and wants. I will also invite people ‘back’ to OS if they want to, though it will take some time for others to adjust to their new homes…

Even though people will say it’s ‘nothing personal’….whoya kidding? It is personal. I will still be here kickin and screaming my toons to level 80. Doing my dailies. Meeting more people. I hope most of you will continue to keep in touch.

— some notes to those who remain.

I will work on a new recruitment push in 2 weeks. I want to make sure there is some stability in my guild before subjecting new players to anymore drama. I will also recruit pretty randomly via forums, spam and grouping up with others. If you can think of a better way please let me know.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!




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8 responses to “Meh

  1. Aaaaaaaah the joys of being a casual guild leader, I was one myself in WoW and it soon came to light I had to 1. develop thick skin and 2. give up my enjoyment for others.

    I said had to and at the end of the day I shouldnt have as it probably led to me not enjoying the game as much as I should.

    Casual guilds are great things until you have a member stiring shit, eventually it rubs off on others and you have many agendas and bad vibes flowing freely. I wish you well dude and as for recruiting I advise to stick to inviting people you group with, perhaps give officers and older members whom you trust to invite people they group with who show potential and are decent folk.

    i still check up on my old guild btw and they are doing great, makes me proud that I started it from scratch and Im glad I left it in good hands 🙂

  2. Yea, I’m def. not new to this but I thought this wave was different. I gave up most of my enjoyment for others a long time ago…that’s part and parcel of being a GM. I chose it though and still do as I like seeing guild mates grow and level and develop relationships. I just was dumb in that I relaxed a bit and was ‘bit’. In this case a ‘member’ took it as a personal vendetta and sugar coated it as a victim card as the reluctant leader of a new guild. Kinda like “Oh…I don’t want to lead a new guild….but If I must…for the greater good…I guess I will..awww shucks!” You hit it on the head.

    In it’s current state my officers do the ability to recruit and will continue to do so. Thanks for the reply.

  3. I dunno what to say man, I feel bad for you because you DO take it personally. You have every time people have left. It would be hard not to for me either.

    I have known for a month or so that Log was either moving to a new guild or starting one. I don’t know if he realized it himself yet. But it was time to go.

    As for the rest, and I am not going to sugar coat this, despite the fact that you are GM Log is their leader. Whether it is a fault in your leadership style or just his cult of personality, people look to him.

    I said last night that the new guild didn’t have anything I needed that I wasn’t getting. Let’s face it they are looking at end game content and I am dragging along to 80. I am fine where I am. However, I have 2 personal friends there and would probably change if flat out asked to. I wouldn’t do it because I have any problem with TOS tho. I have thoroughly enjoyed TOS and it’s members.

    The Old School will go on regardless. It has survived other exoduses, and there are a few folks who will be loyal to the end. bring in a few other solid contributors and it will recover just like before.

    Still having a meetimg Sunday?

  4. No meeting sunday. I do know it will recover, like all things it takes time.

  5. Colleen

    I just want to say that I still love TOS, and you AK! But you already knew that. I still maintain that I will be back someday! *hugs to all TOS members* 😀

  6. Likewise, I too still love TOS, and wish to stay with it for my own casual playing style. But if you are thinking of clearing out the roster of ALTs to slim down the list. Then you may go ahead and clear out my ALTS KCgeek and Squidbilly if you want.

    Best of Luck.

  7. Sam

    ❤ for TOS. But do not kick all my alts… you would wear out your keyboard!

  8. No worries Sam and others–

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