Small steps

Whirling Dervish week of WoW! Guild split, Argent rep, Wootbeer almost level 77, adding some new members– sheesh. I calculated things stir up around the 9th month. Like having a child it’s a wonderous thing of beauty, not necc. the 9 months leading up to the birth but you may get the point. The ladies/mother’s out there and real fathers know what I mean…seeing it grow from a little bump to a full blown C-Section! lol

Talking with Sam and Sokym they both have sage out looks on life and it’s bumps in the roads, Sokym has very keen views about the bigger picture and pyshcological aspects of behaviors which I soak up quickly. Sam is the cheerful cynic with advice that rings true of “everythings gonna be alright”. I want to publicly THANK those two for helping me with my questions about this past week and not beating around the bush(es). Muchos Nachos!

I mentioned before that I will re-start-re-cruiting in a week from now as I want to make sure there is no more issues within the guild. Nothing says ‘fugly’ than someone logging on then /guildquit. I also jumped the gun on asking for people to remove alts from the guild, that was my mistake and reactionary that was uncalled for. If you want an alt in my guild back in, just ask.

Wootbeer – which I call my ‘4th Daughter’ hit 2 levels in 2 days with the help of guildies and pugs. She’s dual spec and ready for her cold flying mount in a few days. She has mostly Tanking gear from WoTLK and few PvP/PvE gear but will soon catchup to the better gear. I forgot how fun Warriors can be, I’ve been doing mostly solo quests and am specc’d to crit like a mofo and am able to tear through nearly all quests. If you don’t have a warrior, I highly suggest you give one a try. Pathe is almost 70 with his Warrior and plans on helping with the ‘Tanking’ role once he hits the Eighty and we also have 1-2 others interested in filling needed roles. =D

See everyone “On” this week!




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4 responses to “Small steps

  1. mmmm IRON FIST!!!!! & Silver Surfer!!!!
    Speakin of super hero’s…
    Champions Online is up and running & free to play. ^_^

    Now all I need is a computer fast nuff to run it. =P

  2. It won’t be FTP will it?

    Just trial?

    I prefer full content vs. pay per content…

  3. it’s still up in the air but i hurd they were leaning to FTP with micro transactions. =\

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