Friends don’t let Friends run Azjol Nerub


That was the quote from ‘Fredler’ last night midway through the ‘regular’ instance and I couldn’t agree more. Everyone has their least favorite places to run and their favorites. For me AzNer is in the middle – almost entirely dependent upon the group. We had Me, Fred & Hordelvr (Patrick) along with a TOSA and his/her friend pickup (pug). Apparently they have never been seeing how I was called out for my tanking abilities for us wiping twice on the initial trash and wave of mobs before first boss. I, being of sound mind and patience stated AFTER we killed the boss that those mobs 2 of the 3 are not tauntable once they go into beserker mode.

“Noteworthy are the Anub’ar Skirmishers that are part of the very first trash waves. They enrage and target a random group member for 10 seconds. Immune to taunt and most CC except stuns. Can two shot cloth wearers. Enrage can be dispelled by hunters and rogues.” ~WoWWiki

I think they understood. I have much thanks to give to Fredlers pet “No Stripes??” she tanked the off adds to a “T”. We cleared the rest with no other wipes and I was able to upgrade 3 more items (tanking pieces) so my level 76 defense is sitting at 507. Woot!

Normally I would leave AzNer alone but I want to be an actual completionist with Wootbeer. I want to clear every quest. Every group quest. Every instance quests. All. And this was on my list. I had just finished up ‘Nothing Boring about Borean” the day before so I was on the right track…as long as I don’t get distracted. =)

It was nice to see 2 of our guildies running OS with Moon, Star, Aloea etc. and after a lot of attempts, clearing it. I understand Honjuder ‘discovered’ the Master Looter feature. =P Zintadel walked away with a cute dragon purse.

The guild recruiting is as expected, slow and low that is the tempo. Lost some gained some. I posted this yesterday, If you were in The Old School last week with alts you are welcome to join back up, just ask one of us online. Not sure whose on? Go to the search option and type “Old School” to see who is online.

Cyall 2-nite



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3 responses to “Friends don’t let Friends run Azjol Nerub

  1. One is happy to be of service! …

    and only to not piss off my cat , last night I had Greystripes, not Nostripes, with us.
    Don’t want HIM turning into a psycho kitty from hell O_O

  2. Heh, Where’s the fun in stickin too LOW RISK areas?

  3. Not so much RISK but annoying. The instance itself without deaths/wipes is maybe 20 mins long. It’s THE shortest instance in the game. Problem is those waves of trash mobs I mentioned, once you get past those the rest if cake. Or pie.

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