Happy Birthday AlixAndria!

To my wonderfulest most beauty-est wife! Happy Birthday!!! You are the among the rarest of Epics I’ve stumbled upon and you definitely ‘binded when equipped’. As a matter of fact you go beyond a ‘Purple Epic’ you are ‘Legendary’ to me!

The way you pwn’d Hogger back in the day, the way the Ironforge lava shines off your hair in just the right light makes being with you that much cooler. I can remember the day you and I ran down the Warsong Gulch Ramp and we both Teabagged the Boomkin with our flag. Precious moments. Precious.

I love the way you would spend countless hours scouring he Auction House looking for that perfect outfit, damn the stats! If it looked good you had to have it and I was happy to oblige you with as much gold as your hearts desired.

Whenever you ‘soul drained’ a Horde my heart went ‘pitter-patter’ seeing the purple glow surrounding your already brillant aura is a sight to be seen by all.

We’ve been through alot – in RL and GL (game life for you underlings) and I am looking forward to our time in the future killing Zergs, Protoss and Marines with Starcraft 2 (SOoN!!!). You are the ultimate dream for gamers Alo. How many 36-24-32 Babes can run the WSG flag in a string bikini underwear??!  I am very lucky indeed to have spent these past 5 Birthdays together!

I hope you have a fantastical day my LOVE!!!!!  Happy Birthday!



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3 responses to “Happy Birthday AlixAndria!

  1. Happy B-day AlixAndria!

  2. alix

    Thank you so much babe.

    I’m sure happy that I still read your blog all the time and stuff so I stumbled across it! What if I hadn’t and I had never known your sweet thoughts were floating out here in cyber space waiting for me?

    You are so romantic.

    I’m smiling at you.

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