LFG need tank…’invite!’

Let it be known, let it be said. This game of WoW is a game of wonder. Playing solo has been a new found fun for me, the past week the avg. amount of guildies online is 2. Me & Crystal. She’s a solo player too as she said she stopped asking for help a long time ago, though I do offer everytime I log in. Brian pops in for his daily “…”, Sam hops on when he’s not Garmin’ing it up, Sokym and I bump into eachother every now and then and Patrick is…Patrick. Zintadel is just as quiet as before but there in spirit, basically the guild is silent. I get tells from formers saying ‘Let me know if you need help…” etc. and I truly appreciate it, I’m just leveling up Wootbeer and WILL ask for help when I have time for instances, 3-5 man quests and the like but for now I’m pugging and knockin down the Quest Log one by one and enjoying every minute of it. I love the fact I can go from DPS to TANK in seconds. Love it. Look for my pst’s once I hit 80 and need heroics!

Lastnight I got a tell from “Lawman” to tank up DTK and took the invite, they had a shitty tank that quit on them before the 2nd boss. We cleared it up until big Dino as our DPS had to leave so I invited Hordelvr to fill in, we then proceeded to clear again and Woot got one DPS upgrade and the achievement. (and 2 bars). They must have had a really bad tank before because I was given Kudos throughout the run, only once did we wipe as our mage aggroed the entire spider room including the encased NPC’s. The rest, was cake. I always attribute my success to the entire group since everyone has a role — too much dps and you get aggro, to little and we die, too much heals and healer dies then we all die, me not being able to crowd control = wipe, all these things you already know but it takes ONE piece missing to fuck it up. Lastnights group pug wasn’t missing a thing. Thanks Patrick for the quick fill in.


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