Off week

Sheesh, rl calls! Patrick/Beigstvo/Hordelvr is in town for a couple days and is staying with us for a spell, I had a quick meeting for freelance last night then we all hung out and watched a movie lastnight so I was unable to steal away for some WoW time. Hopefully by end of week I will see more play time. Wootbeer is certainly jonesing for some face time. Those who are blessed to have kids know that school is less than a month away so our playtime may increase of decrease depending on your activity with schools… mine will be iffy– my sons first HS year so it will be interesting & fee expensive. =P

I think tonight I may get on late in the evening depending on what we are doing tonight with Patrick– *shrug*  I think we may end up making some bread….anywhoo just wanted to give a heads up on my recent afkzzzz.


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