Weekend Warrior

Wootbeer hit the 77 mark this weekend! 77 the number has a lot of meaning to me..not just Wootbeer. 1977 was the year Star Wars came out, same year I went to Kindergarten @ Boyd School! First year I had a ‘girlfriend’– named Lisa…. that was such a great year. Movies, History…but yesterday it was when Wootbeer could “FLY”! once more!22!~!!~   My god it sucks to be in WoTLK and not fly. Like. Sucks donkey dick. Dick. Yea…anyways, just prior to me hitting it (level 77 that is…) Patrick & I got invited by Fredler to run Nexxus with some peeps from the other guild, it was the NEW Theydrin, Fred & Kabara. I died a couple times due to Wootbeer’s complete and utter sexyness. NPC’s love short gnomes in plate, it’s a known fact..google it…you’ll see.  She was DPS Spec’d and at 76 was dishing out 2k damage amongst the big boys. Proud papa I am. Nothing dropped per say and at that level it would have been NPC’d but Theydrin got his level 70 some nice experience and it was great to run with people I semi-know. Semi. lol

So I get my ‘cold weather flying’ after Patrick, Fred and I clean up in the BASIN, we had some Horde loving going on and then we got outnumbered by a bunch of GAY horde. You know how I know you’re a GAY Horde? You play Bloodelves. You know how I know your a super GAY horde? You play a Paladin Blood Elf.  Anywhoo– us non- gay players kicked their asses til it 6 vs 3. I was able to clear a nice array of Nesing quests and ‘Ding’ ed. I had to wait a click as Patrick discovered FRAPS. He Frapped me lol– and emailed it to me a little later on. Good times.

Things I didn’t do this weekend in WoW.

  • No Naxx 10 or 25 SOOO overated.
  • No Ulduar (Samanda did !!!)
  • No Heroics
  • No Drama *have to have peeps in guild to have drama. Kinda like the egg and chicken thing. The people that do play in the guild are those that simply don’t care for drama or understand that it’s casual.
  • Recruitment — seems pointless at this proverbial point. I added one last week but was trying to pawn him off on a more active guild. Irony.

Things I did do this weekend in WoW.

  • Leveled Wootbeer (1.5)
  • Hit 450 mining on Woot and am in direct competishun with Patrick on the nodes.
  • Gathered my first 20 stack of Titanium
  • Teabagged 4 Horde whilst in WG
  • Reinstalled, Installed, Unistalled 43 add ons. Still can get Questhelper to work on Wootbeer. Works on ALL other toons….and accounts….
  • Spoke at length with Chiiby. Was very interesting…lol
  • Spoke at length with Sokym. He leaned on me for support. I’ve been there brotha!
  • Spent an HOUR organizing my bags on Wootbeer including bank. WoW seriously needs to allow us bigger bags. 30 slots for 80’s, especially those with 2-3 specs. She has 3 sets of gear: PvE, PvP and Tanking. Makes for a lot of wasted space….and while were on the topic..make a fucking tab for one’s Tabbards!! They said they’d do this last big patch….I have like 15….lol k, I’m done bishing.
  • Balling on this mother fuckin Compton Streets.


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3 responses to “Weekend Warrior

  1. Grats dude! I haven’t been on for like a week, need to get Curve to 77.

    Oh, and Happy Patch Day! Maintenance already extended to 5 our time.

  2. Dood, u know u can sell the tabards for the factions you already have exalted rep with ? O_O …

  3. Why would I sell them? I want to be able to ‘wear’ them whenever I want.

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