I wore the Patch

Twice. Twice I wore the ‘Patch’ to quit smoking, the first time was about 4 years ago, Alo and I started the same day – a Monday nonetheless, and by that Friday I had an over dose. I had to be driven home because I was too dizzy to function. I had taken the double dosage patch (2 packs a day dosage). When Friday rolled around I was in-taking too much nicotine that my body was like “Umm…no.”  After my first OD on anything besides beer/alcohol I cold turkyed it. Err…turkied. Hmm…anyways, it lasted 18 months of non-smoking. I started back up when Alo and I were visiting Omaha and I picked up a very nice Cigar, thinking “I can do a Cigar! It’s not a Marlboro!”– nope…by the time we got back to KC we had talked ourselves into justifying smoking. What bullshit. So we started smelling again, killing ourselves slowly until a couple years ago. My mother had passed from lung & brain cancer directly from smoking– while I didn’t quit *we* immediately, come September 2007 we did the patch again. This time I did the 1 pack or less dosage and was clean by the 3rd day. Alix took longer and preferred the gum, she was off after 2 months. Today, we are both smokeless. WOOT.   We also calculated how much jack we’ve saved over 2 years– she smoked 2 packs a day and I smoked 3/4 a pack a day. Doing remedial math @ an avg of 5.00 a pack rounding up for those crappy/stressful days we spent 15.00 a day. (adjusted for the Obama Socialism-Neo Marxism inflation) came to nearly $11,000.00 in savings.

Eleven Thousand. We compensated for that by getting slowly fatter. Tis true about smoking, it curbtailed hunger and you will gain wait 10-15 lbs if you quit…at least that generalization was true for us. I’m fat and not proud. I won’t dare call my wife fat because I don’t live in a foreign country like Germany. Random. Now, my self improvement beyond masterbation is attempting a healthier lifestyle of eating, my Native American family history is choc full of diabetes. Fuck that. I’m not one of those blatant hypocrits who announce they are becoming vegans or vegetarians or announce some fad diet they are starting – you just set yourself up to public failure. Or you simply never talk about it and it goes away. lol  No, I’m just saying one needs to watch what they eat and do some simple exercise on a regular basis. Recently an online friend of mine has taken this to a new level of dedication, “Sam” as we call him has started a regimine I can only aspire to and is inspirational. I met him via World of Warcraft via the games forums and one of my recruitment threads and he joined up last year, blah blah blah. He came to the mid life crisis of getting off his lazy ass and start walking, stair climbing and fuse it with a Garmin SuperMachine Watch. He details his progress and day-to-day life happenins here. Check it out, make some comments.  He’s my west coast druid inspiration.

WoW-news, patch is out. I didn’t log in since they (Blizzard) is famous for downtimes, bugs within the first week but mainly I had a friend over to play some Magic the Gathering. My all time favorite card game has seen recent influx of playtime. I’ve just about converted him over to the dark side of CCG’s.  He’s leaning towards “white” and “green” w/ “red” splashed in type decks. It’s very nice to play the game with friends once again.

Hope to be online this week!  Tell me how the patch is!  God Bless Ya!

AK/Wook/Leader and Omnipotent leader of The Old School guild– where my name isn’t plastered over everything. LOLZ


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One response to “I wore the Patch

  1. Sam

    Welcome to freedom, freedom however is never free! you must pay!

    You will sweat! and you will enjoy it! His and Hers 305s! what a loving way to spend time together, you can be breathlessly in love all over again!

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