/Lick Patch

So far so good content and nice new features. Blizzard (knock on wood) once again proves why it’s the King of MMO’s. Can you imagine working for them? No. I can’t.

Lastnight, WOOTBEER joined <MURDER> where Tainiss (GM), Juulez, Samanda, Nyghtmare and others play- we knocked out my Arena of DEATH AND MAYHEM lastnight, we (me and Sam) handled nearly ALL the bosses 2 manning the 5 grp quest. Epic battles ensued. Sam’s heals are outstanding, Tree Heals. We got to the last boss but got dead from and untimely phone call, however we called in Nyghtmare who helped me finish it off with the 100g and bottles of life & mana. I also got 125k experience and am officially over 50% to level 78. Not bad for a 1-2 hr log-in this week./Tiphat :Sam & Mr. Grumbly

I also q’d up for the new BG, seemed the Horde have their shit together lastnight as we got rolled 3 times. It was a fun BG, nice areas and not too spread out like AV or WG. It’s nice seeing a company rethink and redo their ideas when it comes to designing games. Murder seems to be on top of it’s game for being together (again) for about 2 weeks. They’ve done Ulduar 10 clean 25 m Naxx Clear- the list goes on. Hopefully I can smack down the last 2.45 levels fast and be a part of the climb.

Enjoy your weekend and always remember to be nice to the poor, disenfranchised, illegal aliens, handicapped, less than smart people out there in the world because it could one day be you.




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