The Midnight Oil

Holy cow this weekend in WoW brought back mammories. I spent a good portion of the weekend ingame grinding out my beloved WOotBeer. She’s 25% into level 79 now. That’s 2 levels over the weekend– that’s a lot for me. Now. Later it wasn’t…I used to be able to breeze through levels like a hot knife through buttah. Loaf a bread, stick a butter.

Anywhoo– Wootbeer is a member of MURDER 2.0 with Tainis, Taenis, Tainiss….lol…leading the way with a firm hand. A no-nonsense style which is refreshing but imo is a definite balancing act. We (I’m an Occifer) were able to schedule and confirm our 25 mans and have 3 -10 mans set up starting this week. We are needing quality ranged DPS, oddly enough. If your reading this and are interested in joining MURDER and are ranged please let me know. There are some distinct differences than what —– if you were from my guild—–and now Logtar Inc’s guild. (chuckle)

First and foremost you cannot be hyper sensitive. You need to man up on criticism on your gear, your attitude and overall perception on how you want to play WoW. Obviously it’s your choice where you want to be but it’s best to know upfront. You will be kept in check but also balance it with a voice (if your an officer) and these officers have the authority to make decisions without the GM being a part of it. If some recall my guild, the highest ranked officers were given the same authority but rarely used it as most if not all were not inclined to do so. Tight “cliques’ were formed and thus was the underlying demise of the ranks. Hopefully, this will not happen in this guild– I already see it (cliques) but that’s based on experience of certain play styles and gear check. Friends tend to run with ‘friends’. “T” (Tainiss) stressed a lot of socialism type (lol) views on what his guild is about– TEAM work over selfishness. No ONE person is unto himself. I think that’s a great view for MMO’s and guild..just not our U.S. Government. (chuckle).

The other major difference is MOST are already in full 25m Naxx gear and some are in Ulduar– so that means most have real experience in instances and heroics. Granted, we are not all geared where we “should” be but making our way there. This guild, while is says it’s not hardcore raiders– really IS. Just like the word “casual” is a bad word for guilds, ‘hardcore” is in the same field of bad words associated with guilds. Experience is nearly everything, with the core they currently have I think MURDER will go far in progression. I’m glad to be a part of it with Samanda, Nyghtmare, Asgade, Juulez, Peaceout & Darkscience.

I hope to be 80 by Wed!!!!


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