Fifty Cent and less

I am so close to 80 I can ‘see’ it. 4.5 bars to go. 4.5. That’s like maybe 2 hrs. Hopefully I can finish it up tonight but just got a call to do some freelance and it’s a RUSH so…might not be til later…course I do work well under pressure (as far as designing and illustration goes).

Murder needed a healer for 10m OS lastnight so I volunteered AK. We pugged 2 spots– as I mentioned before Murder needs ranged DPS…lol..irony. Anyways, we formed up under 5 mins. My wife had ordered pizza not too long before I got invited, as I entered the instance she brought me a plate of 3 pieces and an Iced Tea to my computer. Ahhh…spoiled. As she put the plate down we pulled the first mob– I’m healing MT. By the time I ate the last piece of pizza we cleared the instance. No deaths – sans one from the pug who didn’t survive the wave. I was licking my fingers when they passed out the loots. Nothing dropped for me but we ran through OS like nobody’s bidness. We also chained pulled….amazingly fast. 25 Ulduar is this weekend. !!


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