Wootbeer my lil extended gnome goil hit 80 2 nights ago. She was soloing NPCS in IceCrown. She giggled when she did it. So now I have 2- 80’s. Priest & Warrior. What’s next? I’m thinking a Druid. Besides Wootbeer, I don’t like leveling toons who can’t heal themselves….seems…like a lot of downtime and waste and need to get some reaaaallllly good gear to survive.  I now am working on getting Woot enchants and soon some gems – as she has NO tanking gear sans one that has sockets. She obviously needs to do a shit load of heroics. Murder- the guild she’s in is more focused on those who are in heroic gear already and not so much helping fresh 80s’ get gear. I understand 100%.

So, with that if you are need of a cute gnomey tank plz give me a pst. Thanks for offerings of Gems and recipe usage Moon, appreciate your offering of help in that regard. Wootbeer is in all blues though– mostly made by me. I need more ORE (Saronite) and some Titanium (who doesn’t?)  I did make her the tanking Ring and Neck last night. =)

THe Old School guild itself is pretty much slowed to a crawl. Meh. lol Funny how things change and don’t change. I thought about making a Horde toon on our server – a DK but can’t think of a good name…I’m picky on names. I’d prolly go with a COW DK too…I like the whole Native American nuances of Taurens. Nice.

Welp, My son starts High School this Friday- abbreviated day- then has Official day Monday and will be playing as a lineman for the school. He had his physical last week– 5’11” @ 195 lbs size 12 shoe. Perfect size for a lineman. So very happy he’s into sports, I think it’s an essential part of being a well rounded person. Someone who actually participates and is active as well as being social well help him that much more down the road. Proud Father I am. It’s also nice to work at a place where they understand family is a priority, I was able to attend all of his Track meets & Basketball games without any issues. WOOT!



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7 responses to “8-e

  1. Sam

    Grats on 80 Wook! I would like to help you with heroics and gearing – now all we need is DPS!

  2. Thanks Sam! I’m sure we can find teh DPS– always hard to find our specs.

  3. Grats man! I can’t seem to sit and play long enough to see 80, but glad somebody is kickin ass.

    As for Cow DK, Moozilla? Cowpocalypse? Or maybe Allylover (in honor of Biegs) lol.

  4. Moozilla has a nice ring to it…

  5. Grats again…

    Good name for cow horde MOOOOOver?

  6. I rerolled my DK Horde side as well. He’s zombie-style, called Zecurve.

  7. Higginator of TOSA

    I have a DK I need to get geared also. We should link up sometime. Higgelicious is the name. =-)

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