Tank You

I’m almost at the level of being able to tank heroics. I have the Titan Shield, Helm, Cape, Necklace. I’d post the Armory link except it’s listed with me in my shitty DPS gear. Murder has been berry berry good to me with Heroics and allowing me to ride the coat tails of their 3500-4000 avg. dps groups. They have also helped with the created gear. It’s awfully weird not being the GM of a guild though and I mean that in the most nicest way too, I don’t have to cater to people, help them with a guildy talking down to them incessantly- online bullies = small cock & balls. lol , hold hands of new members who feel they weren’t part of the strong clique which in turn makes the regret being in the guild. It’s a lot less pressure to be sure but with that is I have to step my game up and be a part of the guild in that I do need to do my homework, be on time with events. I have to do my part. I don’t miss being a GM I do miss certain former members…funny how one THINKS they’re friends with such and such then some drama happens and they drop you from their proverbial list of online friends. Not even a ‘hello’.

I hope to be able to TANK for the guild soon- just need 2-3 more pieces and I should be good to go — good to go in an Off tank position– our Main Tanks are nearly geared to the teeth– I’ve some catching up to do. Sunday we did clear all but 2 wings of Naxx 10m– lastnight I believe they finished- I had some kid stuff to address (son’s in HS now)- we also attempted to clear OS with one Drake up and had the Dragon down to 30% before we wiped– we attempted it 4 more times but the timing of the tanks was off as well as key healers being chewed up. A lot more dancing involved with leaving one drake up.  Also ran the Vault which was fun. Good times again…



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5 responses to “Tank You

  1. Sam

    You are getting geared up as am I – The play has kind of moved away from the strict “casual” definition. But it’s definitely good times. I’m starting to feel much more comfortable solo healing heroics – Tournament of Champions is still a big time gear-check!

    I think moving to Murder with Wootbeer was a great decision in terms of getting to know the class, and tanking ability is a huge asset in the game. (maybe I’ll off spec feral when I finally get dual-spec)

  2. Yeah it’s def. a different environment but not one I’ve not been in before– just ‘been awhile’. I am leery of making commitments to particular raid times because of my son’s HS sports and events… we shall roll with it.

    Sounded like you and the other occifers had a nice bitch session thrown at you. 😉

  3. Sam

    yup, I don’t even know why I’m an officer, T said I’m a level headed person. but as far as leadership – I’ve been married 25 years, I do what I’m told! I lead by saying “yes, dear”

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