I poop gold coins

I poop gold coins in WoW. Yes, I do. That ‘poop’ is my work I do in the game– it’s the auction house with “Pinkney” working the trade floors, posting the most sought after and obscure items in the game. It’s farming. Farming and more farming to shit gold coins. I’ve said before I don’t usually buy items from the AH as prices tend to be inflated, especially on this server. However, this weekend I contributed to the spreading of wealth (Obama – praise the Lord- would be proud) by spending around 1200 gold on various mats, gems, enchants all for Wootbeer. She is officially over the 540 cap (543) with the following gear on the ARMORY.  I now have the Titan Shield Wall, Armor Plated Combat Shotgun, Red Sword of Courage which I was able to get after my first try. She still needs a Chest Piece, trinkets & rings plus waist gear but all in all for being less than 2 weeks old I’m a proud Papa!

The Old School guild was alive and kicking yesterday with over 8 people online at once??!  WTF Jim!??!  Colleen came back, Estrazil hit 80, Pathe was having fun, Sokym was getting some time in before the Overlord kicked in, Fredler was “…”- very cool seeing some regulars playing with the TOS tag.

Many already know of the expansion for WoW announced at BLIZZCON this weekend-“.  2 new races- Worgen for Alliance, Goblins for Horde plus new 85 level cap and Profession: Archeologist. For me that’s all fine and dandy but I’m excited about being able to FLY in Azeroth. I’ve always ‘flown past’ areas I wanted to explore but couldn’t. =D


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  1. Sounds like things are going good, congrats!

    But the whole pooping coins thing sounds uncomfortable.

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