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Baaa…or Mmmaaaa….

Not sure what sound a Goat makes but I do believe it’s the cross between a sheep and a cow….I ran lastnight with Aloea and a couple others from BoonDockSaints (BDS) as they were spamming for heals for Brewfest, I pondered it a bit and asked Aloea if it was a ‘fresh’ run. I don’t like giving up my summon if I’m the only one. That shit is BS if they don’t tell you ahead of time and it’s happened to me a handful of times this year.

I got the invite and Aloea had the remote (thank god). So we hustle up in IF and we’re on our way. There was one other person not in BDS but from Murder who was a DPS Warrior…whom I accidentally had die on me with going way over the threat meter and me not being able to heal her up in time…twice. Our 2nd attempt DID end with me getting the Brewfest Mount! Non-Kodo which is fine with me!!!! Made my WoW evening! The other 3 attempts were items no one needed or already had. My apologies for the deaths, my Norton was running in the background which caused some 2-3 sec lag.


Other WoW news– Wootbeer is doing nicely but with school/kids/work/freelance/real life  my raiding times in Murder has been just that, murder. I wish I could contribute more time to the raids but they all seem to happen at my personal prime time. I’m still on the “B” team and rightly so but getting close, I was Main Tank last night for Naxx 25 but we had a lot of new players who’ve never done 25 let alone knowing what “Positive and Negative” means….lol

Murder is also getting some hard core gamers in it’s ranks, we had 70 people on last night and simultaneously running 25 man Naxx, 25 man Ulduar and 10m TOC. So, if your looking for something to run, seems Murder is the place to be. Keep in mind tho, they are seriousbidness raiders so you must save your 10-25 mans for the guild and follow the schedule. We also have 2 vent servers as our 50m server is full half that time. Some may also notice they coop on World PvP- with Riven and BDS last week they took the AH in Orgrimaar and Samanda posted the video on YOUTUBE.

I just wish I had more time. =P


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Brewfest 2009

It started this week and I’ve done all but the BRD boss and mount. Not sure about doing the Beer of the Month club– but prolly will. My 2nd group with (Wootbeer) our pug got the Kodo Drop on the first turn. I missed the roll by 5. QQ The mount I’m really interested in is the Hallows Eve Headless Horseman mount, it’s awesome and next to the Spectral Mount would be my favorite.

If you happen to be under level 80 be sure to do the dailies and all the available quests as they give excellent it’s a lot more fun than grinding. Speaking of grinding, AK is working on the Winterspring Mount– which equates and solidifies the fact that I’m CRAZY. Like…realllyyy crazy. Saphair and Nyghtkill can attest to it…

Wootbeer is coming along nicely as I was able to pick up the 170 trinket (my trinkets suck…) and added 2 PvP pieces using 68k Honor that’s been stacking up. Trying to make it balanced with PvP and PvE gear for tanking…hard to do at times. AK hasn’t had an upgrade until this weekend as I also traded in some honor for a PvP piece and now am 3/5 Tier 8.5.

Sokym and his lovely wife had their 2nd child last week, a baby girl! COngratz DooD!!! I know you’ll be busy in the coming weeks and beyond! Thanks for saying “Hi!” lastnight in OS.

Last note– wanted to extend my services to my ‘friends’ who need a tank or heals…just let me know. I healed some Elite Few and BoonedockSts lastnight for a fail run at the Vault. (we lacked DPS)…I was shocked we took WG…I was in total disbelief. I was able to hand in some quests finally and got my 2nd piece of GOLD gear for my Plate Wearers…this time I got the Mace. Also have the shoulders…

Have a good week!



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High School Musical

To those who have children over the age of 10, you know by now that when your kids go to school you also go to school, all over again. I attend school functions; choir concerts, spirit fest fund raisers, sports parental meetings, games, checking their website every day if not every other for announcements. I also (including Alo) re-learn CA (English for us oldies), Math, Biology and any other classes our kids are taking. What’s my point? Well, that’s where I’ve been. Not ingame playing AK or Wootbeer but offline interacting with my children, talking to other adults about children. I didn’t think High School would over take my time playing MMO’s and it certainly has to the degree where I’m too tired to log in.

On that note, when I do log in I love to still play! This game is so busy with things to do it’s daunting at times and not sure where to begin so I usually start with my dailies, then look for groups. Recently I’ve been in the Outlands finishing up my reputations- I’m on Kurenai rep at the moment and 3 bars from exalted, I will be able to buy 6 mounts once there adding it to my pages full of mounts. I want to try and get to 5000 AP’s in 30 days. AK’s sitting at 4350 so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Murder is shaping up to be one of the top end game raiding guilds who don’t pug. Maybe 2-3 spots when it’s an off night but for the most part they have some of the top players not only in gear but the all important skill part. I’m still on the lower end of the ranking (gear) with Wootbeer but on the cusp of moving up one slot. Mainly I need playtime and read up/homework on how to tank certain instances. I can do BC blindfolded…not so much in WOTLK. I still love to tank. =D Glutton for puuunishment.

My Horde toon hit level 62 this week (Azshara) and joined a spam guild…want to check out what they’re about first, they have some 80’s but mostly it’s a leveling guild for those under 60. We shall see.

Dat’s all.


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This was my personal favorite weekends of being selfish. FOOTBALL opening weekend for College NCAA! My beloved Huskers rolled up on Florida Atlantic (crushed was more like it..) just as I called it. I predicted 38-3 and it ended up 49-3. WOOT! I was only able to listen to it streaming, — so I had that going on in the background. I was multi-tasking Saturday with the simulcast, ESPN on the Tube, Raiding Heroics in WoW, flipping from ESPN1 to ESPN2, Fox Sports— then later in the evening we had our 4th annual Family Fantasy Football Draft on Yahoo LIVE. I drafted a decent team but one never knows!

I was able to gear up Wootbeer 2 more tanking items, one was through badges and one was a drop. I reeeeeeally need a chest piece. Like, really. Murder is progressing like MAD! Averaging 45 – 50 on the weekends and I invited DRAGNORT to the mix and he was piling up the badges/heroics in no time. I played a lot of BG’s this weekend with all my toons so I didn’t level up anyone…it happens when you have too many alts. 😉

I didn’t mention it here but last week my son played his first HS Football game where they beat Shawnee Mission East 38-8. Next up is BVNW this late afternoon. He plays both Offensive and Defensive Lineman– usually Right. The HS did lose their home opener Friday by the last play with 7 seconds to go, it was supposed to be a Avenge! game but it backfired, loss of possesions and first half mistakes cost them in the end. Blue Valley was picked to be 2nd in their division….well see.

Word on the street is the next patch we will have triple spec. Start saving now…

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WORLD OF WARCRAFT is easy. Too easy. The only real ingredient you need to be successful in the game is TIME. If you have enough time you can have most all elements of WoW under your proverbial belt. Risk and reward are off set by nearly ZERO risk and tons of rewards. If you have the time. I can say this bold statement as I’ve been playing WoW since it’s beginning– on my server Azshara it was a mere 3 weeks old when I made ‘WookieLuv’ and joined ‘Flurry United’. To those rare few who started back then you know exactly what I’m talking about. I can list a list of lists that back me up but it’s a MOOT point. M-O-O-T.

Time is NOW. Want to skip levels 1-54? Make a DK. Want to skip running your little feet off from place to place til you hit 40? Skip it and get one at 30. No more attunements for MC, no more Key runs for Kara, no more Rep grinding for that special piece of gear/recipe. It’s all within 1-2 weeks of your time to pretty much get whatever you want. Buy gold and you can gear up from the AH within hours whereas before took months.

This to me will be the downfall of the best ever made MMO in history. Simplicity. You’ve (Blizzard) have dumbed down the original game into a mere console game, almost. I recently hit 80 with Wootbeer a couple weeks ago and have nearly 50% of what the top tanks have in gear which took them maybe a few months to acquire, depending on the guild and pugs they were associated with. When things come too easy they don’t have much value to them- this applies across the board in real life. I have little empathy for those who complain about not having enough gold or gear in WoW– they want handouts to an already CAKE game. It’s the ulitmate lazyness lazy-ness…lol.

Guild progression in todays game is a joke. Maybe 5 current fights require actual timing and planning: Ulduar 25, EOE 25 & ToC** are some exceptions. **ToC and it’s variants of simply standing around in a circle jerk is progression and seeing endgame?? Really? ToC bridges the gap for the handicapped….sure the gear is sub-par Naxx but if you don’t have 4-6 hrs to waste in Naxx do chains and you will be just that…sub par.

Blizzard needs to come up with more detailed dungeons where one thinks before they act. With the right healer and tank one can really ‘JENKINS‘ most dungeons. Where is the fun in that? (Actually I love it when someone Jenkins an instance I’m tanking or healing as it breaks up the monotony of instances….keeping people on their toes is FUN)  I see no fun or tangible reach arounds for getting things ingame where one doesn’t actually earn it. Go back to the drawing boards now that you have the 14.99 per month x 11 million players and have some forethought into bringing back meaningful raids. Force people to read up on fights, not just the tank and or healer but everyone including lazy DPS people. Yes, DPS specs are the least amount of responsible class out there– they need to be held accountable too, not just tanks and healers. YES, I know your high DPS is essential but do you really think there is ANY pressure on DPS specs to get the job done vs. Tanks and Heals? No. Click Click Click. Done.

Make a dungeon where the make up of your group has requirements specific to the class. Rogues have to “kick” something, Hunters HAVE to TRAP things, Mages HAVE to make the perfect strudel. Something, anything that would make WoW more fun and interesting. In it’s current state it’s lacking backbone. I crave challenges (cept running guilds….lol…haha..) and when something that was challenging turns into boring I like to change it up on my end. I’d just like the world’s greatest game makers to look deeper into the crystal ball of gaming and re-evaluate what makes us gamers ‘tick’.

That is all.


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Off & On

Seems so weird when I log on. New people, new guild– my old friends doing their own thing some say Hi most don’t. I get it. Murder has been picking up a ton of players with an average of 50 players on at once– we did Ulduar 25 lastnight part 2. I wasn’t in the original group and my gear isn’t up to par for 25 yet but I did pick up a nice tanking ring in the UK H daily yesterday…and an epic Bow for DPS.

My time has been eaten up by a lot of freelance work and family business (kids) when I log on it’s usually too late to get in a decent raid but there’s always Heroics. I’m almost 450 Black Smith too– which will be nice when that’s finished up. I’m still liking WoW– but honestly without friends to play it’s not AS fun.



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