Off & On

Seems so weird when I log on. New people, new guild– my old friends doing their own thing some say Hi most don’t. I get it. Murder has been picking up a ton of players with an average of 50 players on at once– we did Ulduar 25 lastnight part 2. I wasn’t in the original group and my gear isn’t up to par for 25 yet but I did pick up a nice tanking ring in the UK H daily yesterday…and an epic Bow for DPS.

My time has been eaten up by a lot of freelance work and family business (kids) when I log on it’s usually too late to get in a decent raid but there’s always Heroics. I’m almost 450 Black Smith too– which will be nice when that’s finished up. I’m still liking WoW– but honestly without friends to play it’s not AS fun.




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3 responses to “Off & On

  1. Sam

    ^— Need tank and DPS for Heroics – PST!

  2. Sam

    oh, T asked me to lead a guild OS 10 man last night, but you had logged! all drakes were taken down so it was like buttah.

  3. Colleen

    Well this makes me sad! But, I know what you mean. I think about the old days way back when even before the drama of TEF, I definitely miss that time…the social aspect is totally what makes the game worthwhile for me.

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