This was my personal favorite weekends of being selfish. FOOTBALL opening weekend for College NCAA! My beloved Huskers rolled up on Florida Atlantic (crushed was more like it..) just as I called it. I predicted 38-3 and it ended up 49-3. WOOT! I was only able to listen to it streaming, — so I had that going on in the background. I was multi-tasking Saturday with the simulcast, ESPN on the Tube, Raiding Heroics in WoW, flipping from ESPN1 to ESPN2, Fox Sports— then later in the evening we had our 4th annual Family Fantasy Football Draft on Yahoo LIVE. I drafted a decent team but one never knows!

I was able to gear up Wootbeer 2 more tanking items, one was through badges and one was a drop. I reeeeeeally need a chest piece. Like, really. Murder is progressing like MAD! Averaging 45 – 50 on the weekends and I invited DRAGNORT to the mix and he was piling up the badges/heroics in no time. I played a lot of BG’s this weekend with all my toons so I didn’t level up anyone…it happens when you have too many alts. πŸ˜‰

I didn’t mention it here but last week my son played his first HS Football game where they beat Shawnee Mission East 38-8. Next up is BVNW this late afternoon. He plays both Offensive and Defensive Lineman– usually Right. The HS did lose their home opener Friday by the last play with 7 seconds to go, it was supposed to be a Avenge! game but it backfired, loss of possesions and first half mistakes cost them in the end. Blue Valley was picked to be 2nd in their division….well see.

Word on the street is the next patch we will have triple spec. Start saving now…

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