Brewfest 2009

It started this week and I’ve done all but the BRD boss and mount. Not sure about doing the Beer of the Month club– but prolly will. My 2nd group with (Wootbeer) our pug got the Kodo Drop on the first turn. I missed the roll by 5. QQ The mount I’m really interested in is the Hallows Eve Headless Horseman mount, it’s awesome and next to the Spectral Mount would be my favorite.

If you happen to be under level 80 be sure to do the dailies and all the available quests as they give excellent it’s a lot more fun than grinding. Speaking of grinding, AK is working on the Winterspring Mount– which equates and solidifies the fact that I’m CRAZY. Like…realllyyy crazy. Saphair and Nyghtkill can attest to it…

Wootbeer is coming along nicely as I was able to pick up the 170 trinket (my trinkets suck…) and added 2 PvP pieces using 68k Honor that’s been stacking up. Trying to make it balanced with PvP and PvE gear for tanking…hard to do at times. AK hasn’t had an upgrade until this weekend as I also traded in some honor for a PvP piece and now am 3/5 Tier 8.5.

Sokym and his lovely wife had their 2nd child last week, a baby girl! COngratz DooD!!! I know you’ll be busy in the coming weeks and beyond! Thanks for saying “Hi!” lastnight in OS.

Last note– wanted to extend my services to my ‘friends’ who need a tank or heals…just let me know. I healed some Elite Few and BoonedockSts lastnight for a fail run at the Vault. (we lacked DPS)…I was shocked we took WG…I was in total disbelief. I was able to hand in some quests finally and got my 2nd piece of GOLD gear for my Plate Wearers…this time I got the Mace. Also have the shoulders…

Have a good week!




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2 responses to “Brewfest 2009

  1. Crap haven’t been on so long I forgot about Brewfest. Last year the beer run quest crashed me, hope I can do it this time.

    Glad things are goin well, catch you some time.


  2. Thanks Curve– you have 1.5 weeks to go before it ends…fun easy quests. The trinkets in BRD are very good now too…

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