Baaa…or Mmmaaaa….

Not sure what sound a Goat makes but I do believe it’s the cross between a sheep and a cow….I ran lastnight with Aloea and a couple others from BoonDockSaints (BDS) as they were spamming for heals for Brewfest, I pondered it a bit and asked Aloea if it was a ‘fresh’ run. I don’t like giving up my summon if I’m the only one. That shit is BS if they don’t tell you ahead of time and it’s happened to me a handful of times this year.

I got the invite and Aloea had the remote (thank god). So we hustle up in IF and we’re on our way. There was one other person not in BDS but from Murder who was a DPS Warrior…whom I accidentally had die on me with going way over the threat meter and me not being able to heal her up in time…twice. Our 2nd attempt DID end with me getting the Brewfest Mount! Non-Kodo which is fine with me!!!! Made my WoW evening! The other 3 attempts were items no one needed or already had. My apologies for the deaths, my Norton was running in the background which caused some 2-3 sec lag.


Other WoW news– Wootbeer is doing nicely but with school/kids/work/freelance/real life  my raiding times in Murder has been just that, murder. I wish I could contribute more time to the raids but they all seem to happen at my personal prime time. I’m still on the “B” team and rightly so but getting close, I was Main Tank last night for Naxx 25 but we had a lot of new players who’ve never done 25 let alone knowing what “Positive and Negative” means….lol

Murder is also getting some hard core gamers in it’s ranks, we had 70 people on last night and simultaneously running 25 man Naxx, 25 man Ulduar and 10m TOC. So, if your looking for something to run, seems Murder is the place to be. Keep in mind tho, they are seriousbidness raiders so you must save your 10-25 mans for the guild and follow the schedule. We also have 2 vent servers as our 50m server is full half that time. Some may also notice they coop on World PvP- with Riven and BDS last week they took the AH in Orgrimaar and Samanda posted the video on YOUTUBE.

I just wish I had more time. =P


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