Kodo not so medium rare…

The Brewfest is on it’s last weekend (2) and I’ve done the daily nearly every night sans maybe 3? So let’s round it up to 10 visits on AutumnKnight, out of those groups at 5 times per minus 2 groups where they lied to me about having summons.** Using my primitive math skills I’ve done the boss (hehe) 50 times. I’ve seen the Kodo drop 6 times, the Ram drop 5 times and the BOE Tankard 5 times. Last year I believe the drop was super low, not so much this year which is a good thing and seems to be right on line with the thinking of Blizzard making this game dumber and dumber downed. I’ve been able to get the Ram and the Terrible Tankard twice- I still need the remote. I’m almost at the point of offering to buy it off someone.

** One of the things that pisses me off (among 1 million others..) is when people are spamming for the a Brewfest group and expecting YOU to have a summons but don’t count themselves in the equation. I’ve had 2 groups like this– one with the illustrious THE ELITE FEW grp. It was pretty funny, someone had the remote we gathered up and got to the boss, I asked 2 times if everyone had a summons and they all said yes. I get my quest but neglected to check the Quest log- it will say how many OTHER people have it..if everyone including yourself have not done it then the number will appear (4) and then you KNOW the group is legit. I let my defenses down on the ELITE FEW grp since well…I assumed why would they lie. I have a screenshot of the exchange…. SO…. 2 non-Elite Few take their turns and then the leader (name with held) says “GO Autumn!” Go! GO! ” . I say…”Ill wait…” I noticed when we all got there that the two EF didn’t go to the quest giver…so now the other person says “WTF AUTMN!! GO!!!”  I asked one last time if THEY had the quest. Paraphrasing here…”Dun gettpisssd at me i wasnt leader we alaready didd it earlier…now GO!”  /sigh

I hearthed. Suprisingly I didn’t get any hate tells…not that I should but you’d be amazed at the lack of maturity players have in WoW…or maybe not.

That was one example…..I just don’t get the whole lying part…meh.

I’ll have to wait another year to get the Brewmaster Title for AK since I wasn’t able to get the outfit…I did get everything else and have enough tokens/tickets for next year. I took the remaining tickets for the Brew of the Month club and got my first Brew yesterday, it was a Squirrel Brew….a little squirrel appeared before me and threw an acorn at my head. Very cute. It also leaves you the empty bottle in your inventory.

Achievement wise—- I may have a lot of Achievement Points but I could have a ton more if I ever did older quest lines and farmed old school rep..so I started the Argent line last night by soloing Stratholme. It was fun for the first 30 mins but the grind is….a grind. My bags filled quickly with scourage stones tokens, night crawlers and junk. You do get around 10-20 points per kill of rep so it should go quickly plus the boss drops average 10g per…I also got the CANNON trinket which is hilarious. Tonight I will go for the DeathCharger.

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