What is good for you?

My play style ranges from hardcore to plain scrub lazy player. The latter playstyle hasn’t happened since SWG late term but the former has shown it’s face from time to time and I’ve noticed a lot hinges not just on how much time I have but whom I roll with. Being in Murder which apparently is the servers number 1 raiding guild since Riven imploded yesterday/this weekend. Number one meaning highest geared, ranked, experienced players on a sub-par Server.

Sub par?? Yes, sub-par. Azshara started out like any other servers sans being a RPG one also know as a PVE server. It was among the first PvP servers available at the time. So, what happened? Imbalance of racial numbers, more Horde than Alliance. How does that affect the server’s talent? Well not every server is ever going to be 50/50 but something odd happened to this server, it never balanced out– or as it should have, currently my guessitimation puts the balance at 4-1 in favor of Horde. Once these Horde players hit their pinnacle they got bored and moved to different servers. Once the Alliance players came close to the pinnacle, not really…they too moved onto other servers. These leaves a continual black hole of self fulfilling implosion of guilds never sticking together because they listen to the hype in general/trade chat, forums or simple word of mouth. The server has to have numbers to progress on either side.

If that is your goal ingame, to see the end game I highly suggest you leave Azshara or become a Horde member. IS this feeding the hype of self fulfilling prophecy for Azshara? Yes and No. Currently, like TODAY no Azshara guild on the alliance side has completed any end game content PRE-NERF. Close…but no cigar and the lame duck GM’s on this server for alliance don’t hunt. Meaning, they won’t progress without a major influx of talent pool. The ones we currently have spend most of their time complaining about eachother and rival guilds…vs. working together.  This is where the Horde are better…they actually work as a team and recruit with the mindset of ‘is this person going to be an asset or liability”. Once they figure that out the work on the ingame content and DO IT vs. Talking.

MY goal for WOW is and will always be having fun. Not convoluted fun with people I think are my friends but really hanger on’ers (those that we took on raids that didn’t work for the loot but would roll for it and act like they earned it…) looking for greener grass but with now quasi-nice friends I can get along with. My trust factor of making ingame friends went from 90% down to 5%. Been there and been burnt. Fuck that. I’ll stick with nominal people I can talk to on a nightly basis and go get some decent loot and see the content as best we can.

It will be an interesting time on Azshara in the coming month, with the Riven folks being split up and seeing who forms what who joins who and who leaves all together. Don’t be fooled by GM’s with delusions of grandeur who say they have the best healers, dps, tanks, you don’t. Riven and Murder do/did. Best, I mean they have been around a long time or know what to do and how to do it and prove it day in/out.  I’m just hoping a real leader will step up to the plate and lead some of these people into the end game of WoW as most deserve that…if they want it. Not saying Murder’s Tainiss can’t but his leadership styles and impromptu rage tends to rub the wrong way on some…

Once a guild on the Alliance side steps ups and delivers then I predict it will be a domino effect for the other Alliance guilds, it will give them confidence to get things done. A prime example of this is when recently Murder and Riven took down the bosses of Horde all in ONE night, not piecemeal but in a matter of a couple hours. This was a rare event just a year ago, now..with a little bit of planning it can be done (thanks to Samanda!)


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