2 nights ago I was dreaming of something I can’t remember. Somewhere in the midst of a dream I can’t remember came a hollow sounding, echo’y voice that simply said “Hello?”. The odd thing was that it was clear sounding yet not, sounding much like on one of those toy echo microphones, which recently my wife bought her daughter for some old school fun. I lie there in bed suddenly awake with the hazy realization that maybe it wasn’t a dream but had to rack it up to a dream since some obvious factors were present and not present.

1. No one else was in the bedroom besides me, my wife and dog. The door was shut and locked.

2. I looked out the window and didn’t see anyone but they could be hidden so I looked and looked and waited for any noises or movement. None happened.

So I went back to bed.

Another day passes and I recounted the night before and wondered how/who/what. Nothing came to mind. Until last night at 3:20 a.m.

Have you guessed it? (Talking to the 3 people that visit this site regularly)….

It was my Vent. I had left my vent on a couple nights ago….last night the vent’s server restarted and woke me up. Couple nights ago was someone, Patrick I think that logged in and said “Hello?” in the middle of the night. I could check the log today to see but I’m 99.9% sure about this. I’m usually 90% correct so odds are in my favor.

So, Patrick….”Hello!” back.

Science Mystery Theatre 3000 solved.




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2 responses to “Hello??

  1. Holy crap, I have done that. I logged out of game when my brother came over unexpectedly but didn’t close out Vent. Not a big deal as people leave it on all the time and my mic was muted so it wouldn’t bother anybody.

    But when I came home hours later I didn’t remember that. All I knew was that 2 steps into my dark living room I hears what sounded like walkie talkies. I literally froze a moment and wondered why SWAT would be upstairs. I didn’t figure it out until I crept upstairs and into the office. When I told the folks online, they got a good chuckle.

  2. Are you sure it wasn’t the dog?

    I see them always scheming to
    steal the families secret bean
    recipes on TV all the time. ^_^

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