Focus: Achievement Guild

I want to have a guild that not only has the right attitude about WoW but overall about life. I am thinking of recruiting (drive) for some players who are not just interested in the gear but the achievement side of World of Warcraft. The introduction of the achievements (A <–using that vs. spelling out the long ass word…) last year for me, breathed a new life and structure for the game itself. I take pride in getting achievements as it’s a great barometer for your time in-game and your commitment.

I know it will be another balancing act but it should be a lot of fun along the way. Currently the active players in The Old School is the ladies of the house, Colleen, Mirencia/Santha and Yarrow’s alt. Sam logs in every once and awhile on alts but talking to him lately he’s getting burned out on raids. Pathe, Sokym’s alt and other log in as well as McTeagues hunter– overall the guild is pretty much stagnant. I hope to jump start it in the coming weeks/months.

Our focus is simple- get as many points we can as a guild and have fun while doing it. Not just points you don’t have but everyones. Rack em up and move onto the next target(s), we would also be fulfilling the ego part of the players needs to be recognized and see real content from the beginning to almost the current end, of whatever that may be. It’s not going to be a leveling guild or a ‘click’ guild where certain people ONLY run with their friends as that hurts the guild as a whole and belittles the players who ARE in the guild but ignored because they aren’t as cool as you. Ideally it will be for players that want to see the other side of the gaming experience, taking time to see things through and hopefully learn more about your toons.

If anyone is interested in joining or re-joining just pst me ingame. I can be found mostly on 3 toons: Autumnknight, Wootbeer & Pinkney.



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