It’s (not) Dead, Jim.

I’ve posted before about my mullings over recruiting more people to this guild once again and it started last night with Yarrow joining back up followed by about 5 more. And only one was under level 50. lol

I just posted a spam for new members in the Azshara forums and it reads as such:

This maybe “TLDR” for some.. Salutations to the most motley bunch of people I’ve ever met or not met since SWG Flurry server of 2003. I’m the founder/obliterator of my guild ‘The Old School’ who have been around since the 3rd week of this server’s been online. In that time I’ve made tons of mistakes being the leader of my guild as well as some very sage decisions so I’m batting like .450 What I have learned in that time is people like to be catered to and led. Some lead, some follow, but most just want a place to call home and chill. I want the latter. This is where TOS comes in. I want to provide a place for mature, casual minded players who aren’t looking for the ultimate piece of gear and will leave the guild at the smallest carrot dangled in front of their faces. Sure it’s your ‘dime & time’ and you can go anywhere you damned well please, no one’s holding you back least of all a guild. But if you want to see the WORLD with some cool people without being yelled at, disrespected or made fun of because of your southern or canadian accent then we might be what you’re looking for. This is not your step father’s raiding guild. We do raid but for now we have to pug it up. We do have members that do Ulduar + and experience counts in the right places and time. We have that but without the attitude that comes with it.

Our focus:

• Achievement runs to cap your points

• Classic Dungeons not just to see the content but to go back and finish up your reputation

• Dailies, nuff said

• Group activities to farm foods, mats and more • Scheduled events: PvP raids, BG’s, Parties,

• Having fun in a relaxed atmosphere

We have:

• Blog updated weekly if not every other day

• 25 person vent

• Max Guild Bank

• Ranking system (work in progress)

This is my thoughts on The Old School, I can’t do this without more people to join up. If your interested please post here or pst me ingame or some of my officers who can invite you. AutumnKnight, Wootbeer, Yarrow, neelloc, Mykos & any “Sam” toons not named “Samanda” Thanks for the read. AK

So with that let’s shoot for the right people for this revamped guild. Please give me a shout if your interested in joining up or coming back to TOS.



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  1. Colleen

    Woot woot! I won’t be made fun of for my Canadian accent!!! *dances*

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