Not so fresh feeling? Try EVE. (online)

I took Sam’s advice and he was right. EVE online is frackin BEEEEUUUTIFUL. Once you get past the simple beauty and the sublime music/soundtrack of EVE you start to do the tutorial missions which seem easy enough but most of the time I’ve spent is figuring out how to get from point A to point B then back to point A. Like all MMO’s there is a beginning of doing mundane tasks which at the core of the tasks is the basis of what you will be doing during your time IN the game. If just a sliver of what you COULD be doing. I, like others are a creature of habit and it’s the same for me and MMO’s, I love to start with crafting or money making career, in this case I chose to start the mining courses, I can choose other paths but wanted to see this first. The economy is player driven so one can buy credits offline for real cash, this always hurts the ingame economy but since this game is nearly 6.5 years old it’s still maintained it’s player base. Not WoW numbers but respectable 400k players on ONE server.

Alix has been watching me totally unimpressed as I’m out there mining asteroids which I was hoping she would be like “WOW I wanna do that!” but I can’t blame her…it’s mining then going back to the starport drop off or sell then back out mining again. Very much like the quest noobs do in Goldshire. =D

This delve into EVE doesn’t mean WoW is Audi5000 it just means I’m trying another game, one which from the looks of it is VERY intricate and the learning curve as many have pointed out is steep. I like steep. It reminds me an awful lot of Star Wars Galaxies 1st year. As a crafter person you had to scan areas, test the ground with sample readings, pick up the ore and minerals with your hands to get enough materials to make a simple part. Step and repeat X 10 THEN you can make your first ‘Harvester’ THEN you had to meet with another crafter for “Power”….small steps lead to bigger ones then BOOM you were in the swing of things. I think that’s what EVE might be like. We shall see.

Lastnight I came within 300 points of being revered with Wyrmrest Accord, iknowrite? What took so damn long? Multiple toons is what happened. This will be my 2nd level 80 to be exalted (Wootbeer is). So I get AK her mount tonight and another achievement. AK did hit the 4500 mark last week, I finally made my “Chocolate Cake” getting “The Cake is a Lie” ach. Working towards the Chef title, just need 1/2 dozen recipes and I’m good to go…I believe the last ach. I will need will be the Rumsey recipe which comes from the dailies… next up will be more rep grinding with the Argent and maybe another faction–

We are still looking for more peeps to join OS! For an invite just pst one of us online. To see who is online, go to your search feature in the social UI and type in “Old School”  — while you may get some Old School Academy you can also cross reference our Armory.




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2 responses to “Not so fresh feeling? Try EVE. (online)

  1. Hey, I hear ya, its not easy watching your friends go their separate ways after being an active member in your guild for a year or two. Like I’ve said before, I use to host & moderate virtual chat groups since the days of IRC. Those first few months as the group tries to define itself are the most memorable and magical as you get to know your fellow avatar’s personality. As time goes on you get use to the role playing amongst your virtual siblings and even start to worry about them when they do not show up as often as they use to. But as time moves on you can only hope to hold onto a hand full of your core members who are willing to invest the time and money into whatever new venue you choose to go into. ^_^

  2. Not so much ‘friends’ since friends keep in touch. lol More like ‘pretend’ friends like we had in 2nd grade. Mine was named “Michelle”. She was super cute with her 70’s haircut. It was awesome. hehe

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