Drake Lately

That title “Drake Lately” reminds me of one of  my favoritre comedians, Chelsea Handler of her own show “Chelsea Lately”. She has a 1/2 hr show where she basically reads headlines with up and coming and not so up and coming comedians and they add lib. I like her because she doesn’t mince words. She admits her faults and shortcomings while still being funny in the process. People who take themselves too seriously bore me. Hence, she doesn’t bore. Well after being the ultimate lazy rep gather’err I got exalted with the Wyrmrest Accord a couple days ago and AK now has her mount. She also got the BONE fishing pole for the daily. I’m attempting to knock out some easy Achievements but they take time: Cooking for the “Chef” title, Fishing for the “Salty” title and wanting to get the ‘Gemmed Pole’ to add to my collection. I still need the Rumsey recipe too. Tons to do.

I had to put in a ticket lastnight for the cooking line for the Northrend Recipes. Apparently, as it was verified in a Blizzard follow up email, the ‘ShovelTusk Soup’ is currently bugged. I checked over and over again and saw I did do the quest back in December but never got the actual recipe. I need that to complete that line. After that I will be done with it…

We added 4 more people last night to the guild, some old faces and some new. Also had another hit 80. He was a happy camper. We also did a VH run for those in the upper 70’s and I was able to gauge how they play and they all seemed competent enough even though Yuert was DPSing and I was tanking…lol We make up for alot of mistakes.

I’m on my 11th solo run of Scholomance for the mount. Yes, I know what all  3 of you are thinking, “OMG, you’ll never get that mount let alone soloing it without being bored!” Well..maybe so…..but I’m stubborn like that. I also tend to make some decent gold and greens that DE into some good gold. My runs paid for half of what I spent on the Drake (800 gold). Plus…Runecloth drops like mad and it sells very quickly. Going again tonight if it’s not too late.

Oh and Obama, gratz on something you didn’t deserve.


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