Short, Fat and wears gay looking glasses.

Tall & Lean, Curvy & Sexy, Gordo y Flaca. All shapes and size along with all  motives and aspirations. In the world of warcraft which I’ve invested ample amount of precious life too, I’ve seen a lot. Experienced a lot. Heard a lot. I still love this game, just not as much. Not sure if it’s the game itself as a whole or the people. You cannot have one without the other influencing your ingame experiences.

I would like to have a MMO where it’s more individual based vs. cookie cutter. This won’t be a rant about the shortcomings of WoW but rather what “A” MMO could be like. Since WoW pretty much copied the best elements of other games before it then became it’s vanguard it’s still lacking creativity. The only nuances that sep. us from other toons besides gear is our talent tree & glyphs…but even those have a finite variances if your looking for the ‘best build’.

I noticed the other night playing EVE that you can, with enough time invested be very alternative and individualistic in your game play and interacting with your environment. This same concept was at the heart of Star Wars Galaxies. If WoW could somehow drop the excess amount of cookie cutter gear and had actual Black Smiths make unique and specialized Armor or Weapons that in itself would change the game. Pipe dream, yes. I’m just jonesin for something that can take my long hours collectively and apply them to something that is uniquely ME.


So very close to rep cap with Argent and ample gold to back up the personal COS runs. Guild added 1 more to the group, Colleen is inching near 80! Err..”Neeloc”. /Proud

/Salute Samandible from Death Minions!


And below are some Friday Fun since I’m sooooo cool and thoughtful.


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One response to “Short, Fat and wears gay looking glasses.

  1. Ahh yea, I’ve had that exact same “pipe dream” back in the days of everquest. A crafting system SOO advance it will dwarf the need for grinding or questing. Yet still invite us all to explore a world totally unique as every individual that inhabits it is.

    Oh wait! That’s right,
    I’ve been a member of Second Life for the past 4+ years. ^_^
    User: Maxwellhouse Columbia

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