Hallowed Be Thy Name

Took a year..but ONE quest and voila AutumnKnight has the Halloween title. Good timing on my part as I flew into Southshore there was  Horde planting ‘stinkbombs’, after I killed the two Horde and Teabagged em I was able to do the quest. ! Then headed to the SM for a HH run took a while since we don’t have any more tanks in the guild, LOL. However, I spammed from within UC and got ourselves a <MURDER> tank and finished up in lickitysplit! No mount or pet but got the 80 ring. Was too tired to run Wootbeer through as I was grouped up with a new guildy and we were doing the Trick or Treats of Kalimdor and got all but 1 (for me) before the pillow was calling my name.

I also took my stab at PvPing with my Paladin. I asked a couple experts and they both said the same which kinda took me by surprise. Spam 2 buttons. That’s it. No wonder why it’s hard to kill something like a Paladin when they only need to worry about 2 buttons. I used 4 but whose counting. My paladin is only 55 but is geared with 3 pieces of Heirlooms so he’s not that bad. Ret paladin– I made some good kills and racked up the points and achievenments in no time. Was fun! I did notice most tried to ‘avoid’ direct confrontation on the bg field vs. when I’m with Wootbeer or AK. I’ll get better.

We seem*** knock on wood*** and *not get poached*- to have a small core group now, most of whom are in there 35-40’s with families. Added 2 more this weekend and they stayed longer than 3 hours. lol  Much thanks to the guild for recruiting the right players and having patience. It’s def. a rebuilding but I believe worth my time and efforts- and seems for those who play in our guild – worth their time as well. We also had 2 lowbie’s hit 80!


Below are some ‘vintage’ costumes some of you may recognize…

vintage halloween


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