It’s FRIDAY!!!

I’m really liking our mini-core group in the guild right now. It harkons back to the original crews. Friendly, talkative, older, mature and pretty much everyone is enjoying themselves. We also have more females to males ratio currently. Now, I’m sure to be poached. =D

I’ve been playing my Pally all week doing the Halloween Trick or Treats visting the INNS and inbetween doing Alterac Valley. It too me a mere 2 hours to go 1.5 levels which equated to 2 levels. I hit 58 last night, not bad considering I was 55 on Monday plus I’m racking up 3 faction reps like nobody’s business. Basically, at my level 2 AV’s equal ONE level depending on the duration, obviously turtles are counter productive but I’ve never seen Ally do so well in AV. It’s also very fun in AV again. I predict I’ll be lower 60’s by Sunday. I also have help with future Outland runs with some of the guildies.

I still need to figure out a good spec for my Pally, and will probably buy the dual spec when I hit 60. I thought my toon was Ret spec but after forgetting to point up – realized I had 7 points waiting for me noticed that I’m Holy Spec…who knew. lol  My gear is also 60% decent in that it’s hybrid for both SP and DPS/Heals. More PvP and I can at least fill in the DPS part with Wootbeer & Co. doing the PvE set.

For those who have level 50’s you really ought to be doing the Trick or Treat Travel quests at the Inns where you pick up the candy, one gets between 4k-6k PER Inn which is around 1 Bar per stop plus you get the exploration badges. Try it and you will see yourself level in no time.

See everyone this weekend !




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3 responses to “It’s FRIDAY!!!

  1. I said it before, and I’ll say it again.

    There is no such thing as girl gamers!

    You just got a bunch of doods who like to feel prurdy running around with ya. ~_^

  2. lol max, maybe so, maybe so!

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