I’ve been running with the guild called “Exalted” this week doing some basic Naxx 10m and made some quick friendships in doing so. So much so they invited Wootbeer to join them- talking with my guildies last night and letting them know I wasn’t abandoning them– who does that anyways??? *chuckle*– I became a member. The guild itself is where I’d like OS to be in a few months provided we have people motivated in doing so: casual raids, learning strats, being patient with one an another, slow and low. Apparently 50% of the guild all know each other in real life, that helps to keep things in perspective and in this case, knowing eachother leads to common goals.

They seem to be taking instances with a mind set of fail first, which is understandable if you’ve never been but after witnessing the Spider Wing take down in just over 1 hr with 1 wipe I’d say they are ready for the rest of the instance. I may be going 2 step backwards for gear and instancing for Wootbeer but it’s not about progression for me per se but moreover the experiences I have with people. I was laughing it up last night ini vent and had a genuine good time. Time.

We added another 2 members last night with my spamming in trade chat. It’s always a hit or miss if they stay around. We shall see.


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