Patience isn’t a virtue part 1.

Patience is learned and if your lucky you inherit it from one or both parents. I don’t know about ‘virtue’ since I relate virtue with one’s morals. Morals don’t come into play when you are dealing with a 13 year old WoW player. Patience does. In my years of gaming there are some very solid foundations that remain true to this day, of course there are always exceptions. One of the basics is that a young teen ages 12-16 tend to be erratic, blunt, combustible, waffling and have a serious attention deficit disorder. I get that, I do…not that I wasn’t any of those at 13…let’s see…I was erratic, check. I wasn’t blunt, I wasn’t combustible and I didn’t waffle…so basically erratic. Anyways, when you have teens in your guild you have to adjust your patience level somewhat as well as your love for the game.

I thought I’d offer some tips on how to deal with teenagers.  We need to break them down into some categories and subcategories as not all teens are created equal as I’ve met a good amount of quality teens who were not only respectful but insightful and well meaning. I will preface this that I’m a bit of an ‘ageist’ in that I prefer to run with older players…meaning over the age of 18….

Your first teen player is the complete Noob/Newb/New player who was talked into playing WoW or an MMO and has no clue what he/she is doing. They will ask a ton of questions while also being very random and the most irritating trait of this type if they don’t answer back to you for a very long time. This is where the AD&D comes into play. It would go a lot like this.

“Tarbog” DK (the noob) “Anyone know where the Auction House is in Dalaran?????????<— notice the usage of 10+ exclamation marks…

“StaxRipa” seasoned WoW player Mage ” Dalaran doesn’t have one.”

T – What!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!  Really???????

S – Yes, really.

T- Yes as in they DO have an auction house????? Or NO!???  WTF!??!?!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!  Hey anyone run me thru Nexus real quik?!!!!?!!!!????

S- Dalaran doesn’t have a AH go to one of the Capital Cities.

T- Anyonehave spar(e) gold I can borrw?????!  Wait…??? What’s a “AH”???????

you get the jist and you’ve seen it. The way to deal with these types is to whisper them or group up with them so you don’t clog the guild chat channel with blabber that no one really wants to read. Once you have them in your group explain to them that there is no real need to put “!!??!!?!?!?” at the end of questions. Tell them that if they continue to do so, they run the risk of being labeled an asshole player…but also let them know it might be too late and they need to make social amends in chat. Now, depending on the maturity of the kid he/she will do …fuck that..girls don’t act that way……depending on the maturity of the BOY he will tell you to fuck off, agree and lower his tone of online voice or agree then still continue with his albeit innocent tirades when you are not online. You will then log on and hear about it from other guildies. It’s important to NIP these types ASAP as they will spread to the other players who are only THINKING of acting this way and are waiting for an opening. Domino’s.

end of part 1

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