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Thanksgiving 2009

My love for this Holiday is mostly mixed but more weighted toward the positive side of things. Growing up in Omaha, NE in a 99.9% white neighborhood (Keystone) I was one among 3 other Native Americans and 1 lone African American. This wasn’t an ‘issue’ til around 5th grade- before that I was given the opportunity to speak in class about the history of Thanksgiving– my father being a very prominent member of the community the teachers were OK with the kids being taught my ‘side’. That ‘side’ being one of mass ethnic cleansing, pox, disease, murder, rape of my ancestors. Not to mention the pillaging of it’s resources and claiming of lands that belonged to no one yet claimed in a few short speeches and letters. I’ve nothing against ‘whites’ per se, I’m half so It’s hard to hate oneself unless you simply like to hate.  Like most cultures before the great white wave – if only they had banded together this country (USA) might have been a lot different in it’s current form. But much like the tribes of Africa and even today…the clans ‘history’ of transgressions kept them from banding together. Thus, divide and conquered ensued and we lost generations of languages, culture and souls. It was destiny I suppose. So in that aspect I dislike the stereotypes of Thanksgiving and how my people were subservient to the Pilgrims. If it wasn’t for our curiosity and kindness the Pilgrims would have perished.


For me Thanksgiving in the past few years represents one significant moment 4 years ago. I got a call from my Father– my mother had been diagnosed with terminal lung and brain cancer. My heart dropped and I dropped the phone. I cried tears of knowing pain. I also knew it was coming, my mother had been smoking since her teen years and avg. 2 packs a day. My wife was beside me when I got the call and my parents played it as if it was trivial– getting 2 and 3rd opinions as the original Doctor said she had 9 months to live. Long, sad story short, chemo, my mother did pass away 9 months later. I was with her during her final week in Pennsylvania and left her with a whispered message of love and thankfulness and honor of being her son. She passed 2 days later. So every Thanksgiving I think MORE of her than other days and Holidays.

A blessing of a Thanksgiving was when I got the courage to ‘Pop” the question to my (now) wife Alo. This was 3 years ago- our kids were all there- my son & daughter and her daughters. They were all sitting around talking, pre-excitement for the carving of the Turkey when I asked them for their attention and got on one knee and asked my Love of 4 years of dating to Marry me. She said yes and beads of sweat trickled off my over-sized forehead and was at last relieved of my nervousness. The kids teared up sans my son….and she called her parents and friends. We went on and had the absolute worst Turkey Dinner ever cooked. lol

I’ve shared enough personal stuff for the day, I hope you all have great memories past and present. Be safe and remember to brush your teeth.




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Ode to X O

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How to win at AV (Alterac Valley)

Alterac Valley used to be a ‘bad’ word just a year ago. No one I knew personally would ever queue up for it since the “Horde” seemed to always have a distinct advantage. For the laymen Alterac Valley (AV) is a Battleground (BG) in WoW. Quoting from WoWWiki:

Alterac Valley is a battleground in the continuing war between theHorde and the Alliance. The two opposing sides are the Frostwolf Clan(led by General Drek’Thar) and the Stormpike Guard (also known as the Stormpike Expedition, led by General Vanndar Stormpike), both of whom lay claim to this secluded territory. Alongside the Generals are their two Captains, Captain Galvangar and Captain Balinda Stonehearth, respectively. Aside from Lake Wintergrasp, Alterac Valley is generally considered to be the battleground that delivers the most Honor points per battle.

Along with over view:

The goal of Alterac Valley is to reduce the opposing faction’s reinforcement count to 0. Each team starts with 600 reinforcements. There are a number of ways to reduce reinforcements, named below, but killing the enemy General does it instantly.

  • The enemy Captain can be killed. This will award your entire team bonus honor and reduce the enemy reinforcements by 100.
  • The enemy towers/bunkers can be burned. This awards your team bonus honor, and reduces the enemy reinforcements by 75 per tower. There are four towers per side, for a total of 300 reinforcements. These structures are also important because, if they are lost, your team loses the respective Warmaster (H)/ Marshall (A).
  • Enemy graveyards can be captured, giving your team another place to resurrect. Note that each team controls one uncapturable graveyard, their starting cave.
  • Your three Wing Commanders (held in enemy territory) can be freed and sent running home. They award your team bonus honor and offer a turn-in quest once they reach your home base. – Note: “Secondary Objectives” on the in-game scoreboard refer to Wing Commanders and nothing else.
  • The two mines can be captured by eliminating the enemy boss in the mine. A mine gives back one reinforcement every 45 seconds. – Note: this is merely a token gain, as reinforcements are usually lost at 10-20 times that rate.
  • Collecting supplies to turn in. See: Battle Quests.
  • Killing enemy players. This will reduce enemy reinforcement by one per player killed.

Currently the fastest way to win AV is to go directly to the opposing sides Graveyard. In the alliance side it’s the “Relief Hut”.

“On some servers, this has led to a strategy that is known as “the race” or “the zerg”. In this strategy, both sides bypass the main enemy group and rush the graveyard nearest the enemy base, quickly clear the two bunkers in the base, pull the Marshals, and then pull the General. Each side may also kill the opposing captain and claim a mine or easy Graveyard on the way, but the goal is still to rush the General without directly engaging players of the opposing faction. This leads to a faster-paced game which can be easily won or easily lost, providing more honor and AV tokens per hour than protracted games with the same win rate.

The safest route is to leave some defenders to at least slow the opposing team’s attack, but to still maintain an overpowering offense; to give up some ground, but not too much. The way some do it is to run most of a faction as fast as possible to the enemy base and then some of the team will use their recall to go on the defense team and slow the progress of the enemy. This provides enough time to let one side win while the other is held up by the defense.”

The leading strat to impede the Alliance is to put 1/2 dozen inside Galv’s little house of Horrors. If you couple this with someone grabbing the Frost Wings Graveyard (FWGY) and you bumble killing Galv in short order…or god forbid you wipe then a Turtle happens. If that happens you are in for a 20-40 min battle of boring honor killing. At this point I think if I /afk out and have to wait 15 mins for the penalty is worth it or will this end in less than 15 mins I will at least get kills, honor and a token.

Main thing about AV is- go with the main core group. Do what they do. If you get caught behind the lines simply go back to the home base and wait, guard, cap an recap Alliance Towers, hand in scraps and medals for honor.

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Seven T

Draenei_Paladin.jpg image by Kiith_89

Seventy fell upon one ‘SeanCassidy’ this weekend. I pondered the thought of making him a twink of sixty nine but that thought lasted a mere 18 seconds considering I have several others waiting to be leveled. Playing a Paladin maybe be cheap but it can be fun. First, you can wear anything. Second, you can pretty much ‘survive’ world pvp encounters, by fighting with your 3 reset buttons or simply run away. You have the fastest land mounts ingame. I have ran away from at leat 2 dozen 10+ horde levels above me and lived to tell the tale by ‘bubble”ing and running.

Am I a ‘chicken shit’ for running? To me, yes. However, I have no intention of wasting time being killed over and over again by someone 10-20 levels higher than me. I do have big enough pvp balls to stand and fight when they are within 0-5 levels of me and I can pull the wins outta my ass when need be. I also will teabag who ever I kill at least 3 times. I find tea bagging 3 times to be just on the cusp of being douchbag but not enough to warrant being a complete ass. Complete ass is when you tea bag +5 and camp for more than 3 kills. Least in my book that’s how it works. I can’t take too much love when I win a world pvp encounter playing a Paladin, we are the epitome of ‘cheap’. No other class has so many reset buttons as we do. The only thing harder to kill is another Paladin.

I tanked my first instance with Sean too (I know it’s actually spelled “Shaun” but I like short names…I went to Auchindon with a pug who asked me politely (assuming it was a chick…) to tank for them just seconds from me logging in. Since I take ingame politeness with much more interest than rudeness I accepted even though I won’t benefit from the gear/xp, I did so knowing I can make up for my failness as being a tank in a lower instance. We did Mana Tombs. I got a little nervous but I did preface the run with the pug that my Paladin tanking cherry is about to be busted bright red. We did just fine. No wipes, heals were good and our DPS was fantastic. Our mage left pre-last boss fight then I got DC’d ironically  and when I cam back they had all left. I chalked it up as a win. My HP with buff is around 12k, not bad for a 70. I was near top of charts (2nd) in DPS for tank too–. Hard to beat mages….in dps.

Anywhoo, my long hours and efforts to get Sean ‘up’ there are finally paying off as I get to learn a new class in both specs: Tank/DPS and meeting more new people with pugs. After Sean hits 80 it will finally be time for Wookieluv to hit 80, then I can be among the lazy ass DPS players and be leet. ish.


Off topic:  V

Alo and I watched “V” last night vis HULU and it was actually not bad sans the FBI’s son being an Obama..errrr…”Visitor” kool-aid drinker and his over acting. I haven’t read the background for the writer, director but it was interesting seeing 2 Firefly actors – the on board ‘entertainment’ and the ‘pilot’…tho I called the pilot being an lizard just before the raid– get’s killed off in the first episode.

I plan on watching the series as I loved the Original in the 1980’s– at least the first few episodes before it became predictable.

I like the writers point of making it aligned with Obama and his Admin with Health Care, Global issues, economy and it’s overall feel of ‘1984’. Kudos. I did make a photoshop mockup of Obama last year…predicting he was a Lizard…   kiss it Nostradamus! Kiss it long and hard.

My wish for the remaining 2009….Hulu on the iPhone.




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It’s funny how I read some blogs and think “Does this person actually think what he/she is writing relevant?” Blogging is pretty much ‘open’ to whoever and whomever on any subject matter without any type of ‘rules’. Sure there are TOS with the cookie cutter blogs like this one but if you ran your own you can pretty much post whatever you like. It’s not a ‘freedom of speech’ issue as the web isn’t governed by American Laws or European Laws – thank god…– unless what you are saying crosses over certains obvious laws. i.e. kid pron etc. Also I loathe people who bring up ‘freedom of speech’ anyways.

Anywhoo– relevance online is based on your peers, responses, visits, friends, pals, family, coworkers, pretty much anyone who acknowledges you exist. If they don’t then you are of no relevance to them. Make sense? So, with that I often wonder how convoluted some bloggers are within their own little narrow minded way of thinking that what they write has actual meaning or value. This also relates to social media venues like Facebook & Twitter. I believe most bloggers have multiple personalities, one for real life, one for their spouse and one for the web. I don’t consider myself a blogger, more so an updater of this blog. WoW isn’t too exciting to read about but it does give me an avenue to spew forth my non-sensical thoughts about a game I like and it’s people I interact with. With these multiple personalities that one tries to keep up, it makes you wonder if they know themselves, the real self that’s under neath.

My guess is most prolific bloggers or grinders- people who blog at least once a week- love attention. I’ve met local bloggers and I would say most were nobodies in grade school onto highschool and if they went to college they were ‘outsiders’ then as well. Blogging gives them a sense of security – anonymous- braveness they wouldn’t have otherwise. They found a ‘voice’ posting onto blogs and like moths to a light congregated amongst eachother to form friendships, kinships, booty calls, groups and overall..made connections they WOULD NOT have otherwise. I say that because most bloggers are homebodies, they NOW use the social media as tools to promote flavor of the month ’causes’ based on popular vote. Having only been around the KC area for the past 10 years I can only speak about this area, I try not to generalize other cities since I don’t live there. From what I’ve seen of the KC blogging community they are super ‘click’ ish and mostly liberals. Sure you have a few conservatives but to me they are far more ‘right’ than my ideologies so I don’t read them. Last year this time was the wave of euphoric Obama-ness gone wild with the chants of “Yes We Can” and bloggers having rallies for the first Black president, his approval rating of a non-elected President around 70% (today it’s 39%) approval. I was on the ‘road’ when he was elected and could hear a collective sigh of ‘really??’ across the nation. A year later the media has turned it’s back on him and his Admin. He get’s an undeserving Nobel Peace Prize of a yet unproven administration. I think we all should give him another full year before we turn on him. Shit takes time. I am happy to see the kool aid kampers falling off the bandwagon left and right along the way, which goes to show that last years meteoric rise of support is only as good as ‘what have you done for me lately’. Finicky Liberals. Oops, off on a tangent….

The relevance bloggers have, are self evident amongst themselves and the lurkers that read them, but really lurkers shouldn’t count. Hmmm I’m wondering if that first sentence makes sense….lemme reword it. You, being a blogger/twitter/facebooker are only as relevant as people paying attention to you. If you had zero friends, followers, page visits, would you keep on blogging/twittering/facebooking??  No. You wouldn’t. Why would you? If no one is listening why speak? It’d be like you talking to yourself wanting others to listen to you on a deserted island. No point, if only* to keep yourself company.

*This would be me.

I’ve seen blogs about the most mundane things yet the writer has no clue that what they just spent 1/2 hr writing has ZERO meaning. “What to do with your mismatched socks”. The author, in most cases write so they can relay a story to it’s audience to empathize or simply share an experience. I think it’s best for bloggers to stick to what is entertaining because pretty much your life is boring. Liven it up. Make things up. I do ask that you do not tell others what page you are on with the latest Harry Potter book, or how great you think you are at what you do – ie. your Job. If you want people to read your posts make it interesting. As Tyler Durden stated:

You‘re not how much money you have in the bank. You‘re not the car you drive. You‘re not the contents of your wallet. You‘re not your fucking khakis…”

I’m all over the place with this post, so I will listen to my own advice and stop right now since It’s lacking any relevance as well.




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It’s a dead mans parteee

File:Catrinas 2.jpg

Simplest event ever. It’s a direct reference for “Day of the Dead” honoring the fallen/passed/dead/lost/etc. You need to only do a few things.

1. Learn the Cooking skill and buy Simple Flour and Ice Cold Milk.
2. Go to your home race’s graveyard (see the list above).
3. Talk to Chapman an npc “Day of the Dead” vendor located there.
3. Buy the recipe for Bread of the Dead and any of the flowers which allow you to see spirits or have a Warlock friend that can cast Detect Invisibility (or have the elixir). Learn the recipe. (It only requires a cooking skill of 1.)
4. Make the bread using the “Ghostly Cooking Fire” which is located at each race’s graveyard.
5. Use the flower, have the Warlock cast the spell or drink the elixir to see the undead spirits.
6. Locate the “Cheerful” spirit and accept the quest.
7. Turn in the quest and get the reward Macabre Marionette.

Today is the last day. Gitterdone!


by the way it’s also Oingo Boingo’s most popular song.`Dead Man’s Party’. Spent many nights in 9th grade parties dancin to that song. Below is a montage vid.

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