It’s a dead mans parteee

File:Catrinas 2.jpg

Simplest event ever. It’s a direct reference for “Day of the Dead” honoring the fallen/passed/dead/lost/etc. You need to only do a few things.

1. Learn the Cooking skill and buy Simple Flour and Ice Cold Milk.
2. Go to your home race’s graveyard (see the list above).
3. Talk to Chapman an npc “Day of the Dead” vendor located there.
3. Buy the recipe for Bread of the Dead and any of the flowers which allow you to see spirits or have a Warlock friend that can cast Detect Invisibility (or have the elixir). Learn the recipe. (It only requires a cooking skill of 1.)
4. Make the bread using the “Ghostly Cooking Fire” which is located at each race’s graveyard.
5. Use the flower, have the Warlock cast the spell or drink the elixir to see the undead spirits.
6. Locate the “Cheerful” spirit and accept the quest.
7. Turn in the quest and get the reward Macabre Marionette.

Today is the last day. Gitterdone!


by the way it’s also Oingo Boingo’s most popular song.`Dead Man’s Party’. Spent many nights in 9th grade parties dancin to that song. Below is a montage vid.


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  1. Sam

    Oh great… Now I am jonesing to play Grim Fandango

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