It’s funny how I read some blogs and think “Does this person actually think what he/she is writing relevant?” Blogging is pretty much ‘open’ to whoever and whomever on any subject matter without any type of ‘rules’. Sure there are TOS with the cookie cutter blogs like this one but if you ran your own you can pretty much post whatever you like. It’s not a ‘freedom of speech’ issue as the web isn’t governed by American Laws or European Laws – thank god…– unless what you are saying crosses over certains obvious laws. i.e. kid pron etc. Also I loathe people who bring up ‘freedom of speech’ anyways.

Anywhoo– relevance online is based on your peers, responses, visits, friends, pals, family, coworkers, pretty much anyone who acknowledges you exist. If they don’t then you are of no relevance to them. Make sense? So, with that I often wonder how convoluted some bloggers are within their own little narrow minded way of thinking that what they write has actual meaning or value. This also relates to social media venues like Facebook & Twitter. I believe most bloggers have multiple personalities, one for real life, one for their spouse and one for the web. I don’t consider myself a blogger, more so an updater of this blog. WoW isn’t too exciting to read about but it does give me an avenue to spew forth my non-sensical thoughts about a game I like and it’s people I interact with. With these multiple personalities that one tries to keep up, it makes you wonder if they know themselves, the real self that’s under neath.

My guess is most prolific bloggers or grinders- people who blog at least once a week- love attention. I’ve met local bloggers and I would say most were nobodies in grade school onto highschool and if they went to college they were ‘outsiders’ then as well. Blogging gives them a sense of security – anonymous- braveness they wouldn’t have otherwise. They found a ‘voice’ posting onto blogs and like moths to a light congregated amongst eachother to form friendships, kinships, booty calls, groups and overall..made connections they WOULD NOT have otherwise. I say that because most bloggers are homebodies, they NOW use the social media as tools to promote flavor of the month ’causes’ based on popular vote. Having only been around the KC area for the past 10 years I can only speak about this area, I try not to generalize other cities since I don’t live there. From what I’ve seen of the KC blogging community they are super ‘click’ ish and mostly liberals. Sure you have a few conservatives but to me they are far more ‘right’ than my ideologies so I don’t read them. Last year this time was the wave of euphoric Obama-ness gone wild with the chants of “Yes We Can” and bloggers having rallies for the first Black president, his approval rating of a non-elected President around 70% (today it’s 39%) approval. I was on the ‘road’ when he was elected and could hear a collective sigh of ‘really??’ across the nation. A year later the media has turned it’s back on him and his Admin. He get’s an undeserving Nobel Peace Prize of a yet unproven administration. I think we all should give him another full year before we turn on him. Shit takes time. I am happy to see the kool aid kampers falling off the bandwagon left and right along the way, which goes to show that last years meteoric rise of support is only as good as ‘what have you done for me lately’. Finicky Liberals. Oops, off on a tangent….

The relevance bloggers have, are self evident amongst themselves and the lurkers that read them, but really lurkers shouldn’t count. Hmmm I’m wondering if that first sentence makes sense….lemme reword it. You, being a blogger/twitter/facebooker are only as relevant as people paying attention to you. If you had zero friends, followers, page visits, would you keep on blogging/twittering/facebooking??  No. You wouldn’t. Why would you? If no one is listening why speak? It’d be like you talking to yourself wanting others to listen to you on a deserted island. No point, if only* to keep yourself company.

*This would be me.

I’ve seen blogs about the most mundane things yet the writer has no clue that what they just spent 1/2 hr writing has ZERO meaning. “What to do with your mismatched socks”. The author, in most cases write so they can relay a story to it’s audience to empathize or simply share an experience. I think it’s best for bloggers to stick to what is entertaining because pretty much your life is boring. Liven it up. Make things up. I do ask that you do not tell others what page you are on with the latest Harry Potter book, or how great you think you are at what you do – ie. your Job. If you want people to read your posts make it interesting. As Tyler Durden stated:

You‘re not how much money you have in the bank. You‘re not the car you drive. You‘re not the contents of your wallet. You‘re not your fucking khakis…”

I’m all over the place with this post, so I will listen to my own advice and stop right now since It’s lacking any relevance as well.





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3 responses to “Relevance

  1. Relevance is not equal to value in my eyes. I post utter crap that has value to me but often little relevance to the common person. Hell, sometimes my friends don’t even bother to comment on it.

    On the other hand, Tony is very relevant, AND his posts have value to him. Others may, often quite vocally, disagree with their value tho. I guess the point is that value is subjective and not always tied to relevance

    And in the neither valuable nor relevant column I submit the question of when the McRIb is due back..

  2. You’ve all probably seen my stance on useless blurbs posted on Facebook & Twitter. If not here it is again:

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