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Draenei_Paladin.jpg image by Kiith_89

Seventy fell upon one ‘SeanCassidy’ this weekend. I pondered the thought of making him a twink of sixty nine but that thought lasted a mere 18 seconds considering I have several others waiting to be leveled. Playing a Paladin maybe be cheap but it can be fun. First, you can wear anything. Second, you can pretty much ‘survive’ world pvp encounters, by fighting with your 3 reset buttons or simply run away. You have the fastest land mounts ingame. I have ran away from at leat 2 dozen 10+ horde levels above me and lived to tell the tale by ‘bubble”ing and running.

Am I a ‘chicken shit’ for running? To me, yes. However, I have no intention of wasting time being killed over and over again by someone 10-20 levels higher than me. I do have big enough pvp balls to stand and fight when they are within 0-5 levels of me and I can pull the wins outta my ass when need be. I also will teabag who ever I kill at least 3 times. I find tea bagging 3 times to be just on the cusp of being douchbag but not enough to warrant being a complete ass. Complete ass is when you tea bag +5 and camp for more than 3 kills. Least in my book that’s how it works. I can’t take too much love when I win a world pvp encounter playing a Paladin, we are the epitome of ‘cheap’. No other class has so many reset buttons as we do. The only thing harder to kill is another Paladin.

I tanked my first instance with Sean too (I know it’s actually spelled “Shaun” but I like short names…I went to Auchindon with a pug who asked me politely (assuming it was a chick…) to tank for them just seconds from me logging in. Since I take ingame politeness with much more interest than rudeness I accepted even though I won’t benefit from the gear/xp, I did so knowing I can make up for my failness as being a tank in a lower instance. We did Mana Tombs. I got a little nervous but I did preface the run with the pug that my Paladin tanking cherry is about to be busted bright red. We did just fine. No wipes, heals were good and our DPS was fantastic. Our mage left pre-last boss fight then I got DC’d ironically  and when I cam back they had all left. I chalked it up as a win. My HP with buff is around 12k, not bad for a 70. I was near top of charts (2nd) in DPS for tank too–. Hard to beat mages….in dps.

Anywhoo, my long hours and efforts to get Sean ‘up’ there are finally paying off as I get to learn a new class in both specs: Tank/DPS and meeting more new people with pugs. After Sean hits 80 it will finally be time for Wookieluv to hit 80, then I can be among the lazy ass DPS players and be leet. ish.


Off topic:  V

Alo and I watched “V” last night vis HULU and it was actually not bad sans the FBI’s son being an Obama..errrr…”Visitor” kool-aid drinker and his over acting. I haven’t read the background for the writer, director but it was interesting seeing 2 Firefly actors – the on board ‘entertainment’ and the ‘pilot’…tho I called the pilot being an lizard just before the raid– get’s killed off in the first episode.

I plan on watching the series as I loved the Original in the 1980’s– at least the first few episodes before it became predictable.

I like the writers point of making it aligned with Obama and his Admin with Health Care, Global issues, economy and it’s overall feel of ‘1984’. Kudos. I did make a photoshop mockup of Obama last year…predicting he was a Lizard…   kiss it Nostradamus! Kiss it long and hard.

My wish for the remaining 2009….Hulu on the iPhone.





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