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SeanCassidy not ShaunCassidy

It’s my 3rd official level 80 toon in WoW. I went the route of Paladin as I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, being broken, hard to kill and pretty much like Plate wearers. He sat at 50 for months on end even with the recent break off of the guilds core. After which I took advantage of AV and other BG XP bonus. Soon, after what seemed to be 10,000 AV’s he got exalted. The hardest grind was 70-76, it’s those redundant quests in Northlands that you’ve already done with a few other toons. I decided to do other quests I’ve never done which def. helped the monotony. I really love the pug finder feature and from 77+ I’ve used it extensively. I did about 5 Heroics once I hit 80 and was ready for the comments and criticism for not being very good dps, I can’t tank yet but the only drawback is you will run across elitists and rightly so- who want to run thru the instance asap and expect 2800+ dps from the get go. Mine is around 1200 and I’ve got mostly greens. It’s the whole catch-22 with you gotta start somewhere..and it’s as if they had never had low dps and were born with full tier set armor and weapons. I sit back and take the keystroke lashings with swallowed pride, remain respectful and apologize and explain I’m freshly 80.

I decided the day of being 80 to drop my 450 skinning – which garnered me a ton of leather along with the leveling, 15 artic furs, borean, etc. and go with something I’ve never leveled before: engineering. I figured that would be ‘cool’. It is. I was able to get to engineering 345 in 24 hours. Maji was very helpful with some key mats! Thanks Maji. I made my first flying contraption mount last night and while it’s not a ‘fast’ mount it still was hand made by me. I also took up gnomish engineering to see what’s what but did some research and apparently isn’t much different than goblin engineering.


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Year in Review 2009

Here is my World of Warcraft Year in Review.

January 09: Naxx is being considered, Logtar hit 80.

Feb: The Phrozen Gang leave to their own destiny, We clear Vault.

March: Naxx Pugging and Tips about WoW

April: I get the Grand Black War Mammoth drop in Vault. Vent bannings and patch 3.1

May: It’s getting WARMER outside!  Fresh recruits.

June: Colleen Retires from WoW (for now) and Beer Party Guild Meetings.

July: Logtard schemes and plans the mass exodus of the core group. Blames it on me being unapproachable. I don’t put up a fight. Why would i? LOL

August: My lil gnome that could WOOTBEER hit’s 80 and quickly gears up. Who knew tanks are needed..let alone Warrior Tanks.

Sept: BREWFEST! Got all except the Kodo. Ram mounts are quasi cool! Patrick quits wow for women.

Oct: Seancassidy takes on Alterac Valley- he levels up quickly!  AK gets the “Hallowed” title. Creeping up on 4500 aps!

Nov: Sean hit’s 70! Tried recruiting again but heart ain’t into it…don’t have much free time to manage kids again. Nor really want to. Wootbeer joins ExALTED guild and is their OT.

Dec: (now) Samanda is running almost 1/2 marathons. Seancassidy is 2 from 80 and the new patch pug is awesome sauce!


Look ahead for The Old School— if I get the want to start recruiting again…I may. Mainly just enjoying what time I do have in game. Funny how things change within one year. Recently been spending more time with ‘real life’ friends offline, focusing on my freelance and it’s paying back dividends: Pathe’s Mobile App  that I did the logos for is top 10 Sports app on the iTunes store. And of course spending time with the family is most important. Topping it off I’m losing weight by eating right (13 lbs now) so I can live a longer life! Fat = dumb. Sitting on ones ass for 3-4 hrs a night isn’t condusive to healthy living.

I think the new BIG Cataclysm will be another success for WoW and it’s players. They keep on keeping on with sweeping improvements, listening to players needs and wants and implementing them. If a start up gaming company ever wants to model themselves after another company look no further than Blizzard.

Hope everyone has a fantastic 2010!

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Kill it.

Grinding up any toon in WoW takes time. One can be power leveled if you have friends willing to help along the way or you can mutli box. They (Blizzard) have made it a lot easier to level up with such things as Heirloom items which stack 10% XP bonus as well as the ‘recruit’ a friend bonus and the tried and true ‘rested’ experience. Obviously things change over time with the game with every major patch. The introduction of cross server que and a minimal wait time PLUS being transported there will get you easy badges and XP.

The addition of this feature will save a lot of accounts, transfers and headaches. Love it so far.

My Paladin SeanCassidy is almost 77 and is a mere 3 bars from it and is currently stationed in the S.Basin skinning like mad. This toon is a pure money maker as his skills are skinning and mining. The basin is the best place for this combo and I’ve seen my gold raise quickly. Looks like tonight or tomorrow I will have to buy cold weather flying and the 5k price for epic flying, this will be my 5th toon for epic flying (that’s 25,000 gold for you math wizards).

Winter Veil is upon us and luckily – time wise – AK has all but the BB achievement to do so I think Wootbeer is next in line to do the quests, tho I will try and get the rest of my active toons to do them as they usually give excellent XP. That was one long run-on sentence above. Thought I’d point that out.

Yesterday on the way to dropping my son off and taking my daughter to her school we – AK and I – stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a cup of coffee for me and a small Latte for her…and a jelly donut. The jelly donut is for her not me…you couldn’t pay me to eat a jelly donut. Long story short we pull up and our order isn’t ready, I hand over my atm card and get the coffee next. Followed by the Latte. Lastly the donut. I pull away thinking they gave my card back…don’t figure this out til around midnight when I was about to go to the boats and play some Poker. Nothing says frantic when you think you lost money, in any form. I used my keen sense of memory rewind and money spent and unless it actually fell outta my wallet it was the only place it could be. I called but it was I waited til this morning and voila they had it in the safe. Moral of the story: Don’t order multiple items at Dunkin Donuts.

My wife and I are on a ‘lifestyle’ change in the form of what we eat. It started just before thanksgiving and I can happily and proudly say that I’ve lost 11 pounds in that time. Alo has lost several but won’t tell me exactly. Our most obvious goal for this eating change is longevity. Being alive to see your kids have their own kids, experiencing everything you can with the little time one has here. Being fat is dumb. Just like smoking is dumb Alo and I conquered the quitting of smoking just over 3 years ago. This is our hurdle of life– over eating, getting fat and being lazy. We’ve tried several variations of ‘diet’ in the past but for whatever lame excuse we would fall back into the routine of large portions and fast food for it’s inexpensiveness and convenience. It’s economically challenging to eat healthy. So, here we are together again making our way down the path of eating healthy using the “Zone” diet/mantra of low carbs- basically anything ‘white’ colored is bad…ala Bread, certain Noodles, mexican food, rice etc. It’s a balance of fruits vegs and meat. Key being that every meal is as balanced as possible. So I eat alot of salads, apples, grapes and cheeseburgers with half a bun. lol  It’s a matter of routine and so far so good!  The best barometer for me is my clothing. Shirts and pants/jeans fitting looser, belt notch not being tapped out and pretty much not feeling like your carrying around a 9 month old baby in one’s belly.

Sam (Samanda) recently has taken his hobby of walking into small “k” events and journals it on his website. Reading it is an inspiration for me– as it’s not some joe blo whom I don’t have any connection to. I think after reading this blog/website one of the elements to him doing it on a regular basis was his GARMIN. He’s a ‘numbers’ guy and number guys like stats– the GARMIN gave him actual numbered goals and can compare it from previous numbers. Am I making sense? lol I recall in guild chat him going over today’s GARMIN numbers with previous and the marriage of technology to his wanting to better himself is very cool to me. That’s our next step and one that will put us over the top or dead even with being healthy. Exercise. I do an eliptical at home for 5 mins at a time and use stairs when I can- like at work where we are on the 4th floor or if I see an escalator next to a set of stairs I go stairs. It’s the small choices that add up.

OK…I’m done rambling, have a good one!

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This is satire. The blog may  have useful info but remember this is mostly a satirical site with my narrow world views on display for some to read. It’s not to be taken seriously and if you become offended then don’t read/visit this site. Try not to take life and most importantly YOURSELF too seriously. You are not special to the world. Laugh at things with warmth and compassion. Don’t get your hershey stained BVD’s in a bunch if I post something you don’t like.

I encourage you to reply in the comments section and in all odds I will keep it posted as long as it’s not spam. I maybe have 3-4 regular viewers which is fine by me and it’s not my intention to piss those who read this blog off…my intention for this blog is to post things about the game wow, my guild and my life’s observations.

I hopefully will find more time to post in the coming weeks but with Christmas, Family visiting, Freelance exploding, my company having bought out a competitor in the past week and my kids…well things def. take precedence over writing. By the way, I love to write. At times I wish I could write more indepth articles about life but have fear of retribution, career, family and personal choices that keep me refrained from posting..which is pretty wise. I couldn’t imagine having this media when I was in my late teens early 20’s…I’d have wrecked the ‘web’ with my ignorant, ill-informed opinions on life. Having responsibilities like a career and family tend to reel one in when wanting to spew forth nonsensical bullshit posts. I do see watered down, passive aggressive bloggers doing that on a weekly basis in the form of so called thoughtful and empathic “I want to pose a socially acceptable question to you so you think I’m worldly and then-thi-tive’. *PUKE* I can never do that. Act like a pussy on blogging just to fish for compliments or reinforcing the ideal ‘post’ to which one can get more attention since he/she can’t really handle real life situations. *PUKE again*.

So just a little post about what this site is about…me and my narrow minded life and it’s surroundings.

God Bless You.

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Kansas City Positivity

I don’t consider myself a ‘seasoned’ traveler by any stretch of the word and it’s meanings. I travel out of town for my company 3 times a year- 2 of which are the same and one that changes yearly. This past 2009 I went to D.C., San Diego and most recently Atlantic City. We do road trips throughout the year but nothing too far, Iowa, Nebraska mostly.

However, my lack of experience in travel does not lower my aptitude to know what we have here in KC. First and foremost is in my opinion the worlds greatest Airport. What major city airport has FREE 1/2 hr parking?? Let alone the 5.50 a day long term parking?? No one. That’s who.  Pick up and drop off is easy as pie. You have 3 circular jerk patterns where one can easily do just that, pick up and drop off without having the gestapo policemen and women..mostly women…come and harass you. Granted you can’t leave your potential car bomb unattended but you can give hugs and kisses without guilt at MCI. Here’s another feature most airports suck at..Security. EACH airline has their OWN security line vs. ONE with 50 lines (Dulles, Phoenix, Reagan, Philly). This means a line of maybe 20 at it’s peak. You also have friendly midwestern attitudes= which is to say they aren’t programmed to be rude and short tempered. Sure they maybe a bad day person but it’s ‘normal’ at other airports. Here, in KC you expect courtesy.  We really do have a great airport people…

Clean Air: being a relatively NEW city – KCMO,KCKS compared to Philly, New York, Boston as well as San Diego our air quality here & Water are outstanding. You can literally smell the remnants of raw sewage in D.C.’s tap water. Don’t drink tap in D.C. Pay the 4.00 for the 12oz bottle of water… the smog in San Diego is a sight to see. The yellow haze is/was there every morning rising with the sun and blocks otherwise views of the Pacific. It was depressing. KC…has a thin layer but when it’s nice and cold out like today…well it’s CLEAR. Our air here has depth and intelligence with twists of burning wood and leaves. It’s mostly natural. All cities have pollution, grafitti & crime – and we can certainly lower the crime rate here in KC but step back and realize that our city is “CLEAN” without much grafitti — which I LOVE good Graf when I see it and take pix when able. I love it…but the ones I don’t like so much are the gang ones…anywhoo… take a look around the streets, roads, high ways…for the most part we have a clean city. Go to South Philly and compare…let alone South St. Louis….

Attitudes– as mentioned above with the security peeps at the airport…for me East Coasters have a chip on their proverbial shoulders. They were born with attitude. Born I say. Maybe it’s a learned trait….but damn do they get pissed off in a hurry. Just this trip alone I witnessed 1/2 dozen meltdowns and only 2 were alcohol related. Maybe it’s the tonal whney nasaly voices like Fran that get me or the Brooklyn/Philly ‘HOW YADOIN!’ accent that automatically makes me think they are retarded. Retarded in a sense of intelligence to communicate without falling back on accusations and defensiveness. Most of my comparisons come from TV and the Sopranos so don’t mind my ignorance on Jersey people. I even watched “Jersey Shore” on MTV while I was a mere 45 mins South of where they filmed the show. I saw at least 50 ‘Guidos’ and as many “Guidettes” while playing poker at Ceasars and the Taj. It’s as if I left another world and the “Jersey” people invaded the area with orange spray on tans, men with perms…by the way what is the main bloodline for New Jersey’ans? I would guess Puerto Rican/African/Italian in that order…but I’ve never seen so many guys with gerry-curl hair and being ‘white’. I pictured the “Soul Glow” commercial from “Coming to America” but with Italians with the name of “Guido Glow”. Prolly had to be there.

This leads me to the eye candy. I have a personal ranking system of beautiful women from the USA– only based on what I ‘see’ and ‘like’. I would rank NJ on the bottom half..maybe 35th for hot ladies, beautiful women. Most look like strippers and while thats not a BAD thing it’s not ‘beauty’ to me. My top 5 are: 1. Texas 2. Florida 3. Nebraska 4. North Carolina 5. Kansas/Mo. (one and the same…sorta…). The women in KC are conservative in dress but when they want to dress it up they do so in a class way. Tact. Colors that coordinate, clothing that has respect. Hair, nails, smells of midwestern and southern women exude style and grace. Women of the midwest are also well read and while they do tolerate they’re husband, boyfriends watching shitty teams like the Chiefs, Royals & Rams they know that their ‘men’ like having them around. Equals (for the most part). We don’t have chips on our shoulders. We have a relaxed mindset. Calming. There is very few of that going around in the east.

I love that KC has weather that changes. Mayors that look like they came from the late 70’s. Roads that are constantly being worked on. Don’t like having professional farm leagues (MLB/NFL) but at least we have sports! I like the fact If I’m needing help from my neighbors or strangers, odds are they will help. I used to smoke and if I did in NJ I’d be paying 8.89 per pack. Here in KC is just around 4.50. I can breathe here.

I like KC. I don’t take it for granted.


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The 70-80 grind

It’s been an interesting journey so far- leveling SeanCassidy from level 51 to his current level of 74.95% . I’ve learned that this class is ‘broken’ and is due a nerf. Too many options of saving oneself in both PvE and PvP make it a no-brainer class for leveling and general playability. Not saying those who play Paladins are dumb or lack intelligence one would need with say…a Druid…but it’s definitely a class that is FUN to play. I wouldn’t have said that in the beginning- leveling toons isn’t as fun as it used to be mainly due to the content and quests one ends up repeating. This will be my 3rd level 80 so I’m trying to do quest lines I didn’t do before to mix it up and see other things. He’s just finished up the quest lines in Dragonblight and was a good choice considering all the undead npcs. I’ve had tremendous help from ‘Neelloc’ from our guild whenever I need to kill ‘wanted’ and group boss kills, she’s come thru and whooped ass. Thank you!

After ‘Sean’ hit’s 80 it’s finally time for my “Wookieluv’ to get some ‘luv’. I’ve put leveling him off for awhile now and Hunters are among the most versatile and fun to level with. I’ll have my trusty “AlixAndria” by my side and get some PvP gear maxxed out. Should be fun.


We had a great Family oriented Thanksgiving last week and a nice 4-day weekend. We didn’t exactly take advantage of the “Black” Friday but got some decent items we would not have bought otherwise. I don’t like too many crowded areas- a mall being the least liked when packed in with people. We did enjoy our Turkey and all it’s supporting cast and was able to give away a nice portion to some needy children not living with us anymore. lol

My trip to San Diego 3 weeks ago was a blast! It was for work but this time around didn’t feel like work so much as my experience and ‘learning on the job’ has caught up to what I am supposed to know and not know. I’ve never been to California and the SD area- like Coronado Island, La Jolla and out east amongst the Native American tribes was very cool to see and experience. Our ‘trade show’ was a success in that we reconnected with key players in the industry and made some new connections. The food was fantastic and the evenings fun and entertaining. No complaints here. Oh..and the weather was 68-71 degrees with sun all week. /sigh /ahhh

Back to WoW..– the guild as a whole is / has leveled out to 5-6 core players (log in once a day) but we did lose some recently who wanted more ‘activity’- which due to work, family, freelance and my ambition to maintain it is simply not there. Not that I don’t like to I just don’t have the time in the day/evening to make it ‘happen’. Regardless, its still fun to log in and hang with peeps, pugs and friends.  I’m looking forward to the new patch, looks to change everything up again..about time since I’m tired of the same ol same ol areas. =D


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