The 70-80 grind

It’s been an interesting journey so far- leveling SeanCassidy from level 51 to his current level of 74.95% . I’ve learned that this class is ‘broken’ and is due a nerf. Too many options of saving oneself in both PvE and PvP make it a no-brainer class for leveling and general playability. Not saying those who play Paladins are dumb or lack intelligence one would need with say…a Druid…but it’s definitely a class that is FUN to play. I wouldn’t have said that in the beginning- leveling toons isn’t as fun as it used to be mainly due to the content and quests one ends up repeating. This will be my 3rd level 80 so I’m trying to do quest lines I didn’t do before to mix it up and see other things. He’s just finished up the quest lines in Dragonblight and was a good choice considering all the undead npcs. I’ve had tremendous help from ‘Neelloc’ from our guild whenever I need to kill ‘wanted’ and group boss kills, she’s come thru and whooped ass. Thank you!

After ‘Sean’ hit’s 80 it’s finally time for my “Wookieluv’ to get some ‘luv’. I’ve put leveling him off for awhile now and Hunters are among the most versatile and fun to level with. I’ll have my trusty “AlixAndria” by my side and get some PvP gear maxxed out. Should be fun.


We had a great Family oriented Thanksgiving last week and a nice 4-day weekend. We didn’t exactly take advantage of the “Black” Friday but got some decent items we would not have bought otherwise. I don’t like too many crowded areas- a mall being the least liked when packed in with people. We did enjoy our Turkey and all it’s supporting cast and was able to give away a nice portion to some needy children not living with us anymore. lol

My trip to San Diego 3 weeks ago was a blast! It was for work but this time around didn’t feel like work so much as my experience and ‘learning on the job’ has caught up to what I am supposed to know and not know. I’ve never been to California and the SD area- like Coronado Island, La Jolla and out east amongst the Native American tribes was very cool to see and experience. Our ‘trade show’ was a success in that we reconnected with key players in the industry and made some new connections. The food was fantastic and the evenings fun and entertaining. No complaints here. Oh..and the weather was 68-71 degrees with sun all week. /sigh /ahhh

Back to WoW..– the guild as a whole is / has leveled out to 5-6 core players (log in once a day) but we did lose some recently who wanted more ‘activity’- which due to work, family, freelance and my ambition to maintain it is simply not there. Not that I don’t like to I just don’t have the time in the day/evening to make it ‘happen’. Regardless, its still fun to log in and hang with peeps, pugs and friends.  I’m looking forward to the new patch, looks to change everything up again..about time since I’m tired of the same ol same ol areas. =D



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