Kansas City Positivity

I don’t consider myself a ‘seasoned’ traveler by any stretch of the word and it’s meanings. I travel out of town for my company 3 times a year- 2 of which are the same and one that changes yearly. This past 2009 I went to D.C., San Diego and most recently Atlantic City. We do road trips throughout the year but nothing too far, Iowa, Nebraska mostly.

However, my lack of experience in travel does not lower my aptitude to know what we have here in KC. First and foremost is in my opinion the worlds greatest Airport. What major city airport has FREE 1/2 hr parking?? Let alone the 5.50 a day long term parking?? No one. That’s who.  Pick up and drop off is easy as pie. You have 3 circular jerk patterns where one can easily do just that, pick up and drop off without having the gestapo policemen and women..mostly women…come and harass you. Granted you can’t leave your potential car bomb unattended but you can give hugs and kisses without guilt at MCI. Here’s another feature most airports suck at..Security. EACH airline has their OWN security line vs. ONE with 50 lines (Dulles, Phoenix, Reagan, Philly). This means a line of maybe 20 at it’s peak. You also have friendly midwestern attitudes= which is to say they aren’t programmed to be rude and short tempered. Sure they maybe a bad day person but it’s ‘normal’ at other airports. Here, in KC you expect courtesy.  We really do have a great airport people…

Clean Air: being a relatively NEW city – KCMO,KCKS compared to Philly, New York, Boston as well as San Diego our air quality here & Water are outstanding. You can literally smell the remnants of raw sewage in D.C.’s tap water. Don’t drink tap in D.C. Pay the 4.00 for the 12oz bottle of water… the smog in San Diego is a sight to see. The yellow haze is/was there every morning rising with the sun and blocks otherwise views of the Pacific. It was depressing. KC…has a thin layer but when it’s nice and cold out like today…well it’s CLEAR. Our air here has depth and intelligence with twists of burning wood and leaves. It’s mostly natural. All cities have pollution, grafitti & crime – and we can certainly lower the crime rate here in KC but step back and realize that our city is “CLEAN” without much grafitti — which I LOVE good Graf when I see it and take pix when able. I love it…but the ones I don’t like so much are the gang ones…anywhoo… take a look around the streets, roads, high ways…for the most part we have a clean city. Go to South Philly and compare…let alone South St. Louis….

Attitudes– as mentioned above with the security peeps at the airport…for me East Coasters have a chip on their proverbial shoulders. They were born with attitude. Born I say. Maybe it’s a learned trait….but damn do they get pissed off in a hurry. Just this trip alone I witnessed 1/2 dozen meltdowns and only 2 were alcohol related. Maybe it’s the tonal whney nasaly voices like Fran that get me or the Brooklyn/Philly ‘HOW YADOIN!’ accent that automatically makes me think they are retarded. Retarded in a sense of intelligence to communicate without falling back on accusations and defensiveness. Most of my comparisons come from TV and the Sopranos so don’t mind my ignorance on Jersey people. I even watched “Jersey Shore” on MTV while I was a mere 45 mins South of where they filmed the show. I saw at least 50 ‘Guidos’ and as many “Guidettes” while playing poker at Ceasars and the Taj. It’s as if I left another world and the “Jersey” people invaded the area with orange spray on tans, men with perms…by the way what is the main bloodline for New Jersey’ans? I would guess Puerto Rican/African/Italian in that order…but I’ve never seen so many guys with gerry-curl hair and being ‘white’. I pictured the “Soul Glow” commercial from “Coming to America” but with Italians with the name of “Guido Glow”. Prolly had to be there.

This leads me to the eye candy. I have a personal ranking system of beautiful women from the USA– only based on what I ‘see’ and ‘like’. I would rank NJ on the bottom half..maybe 35th for hot ladies, beautiful women. Most look like strippers and while thats not a BAD thing it’s not ‘beauty’ to me. My top 5 are: 1. Texas 2. Florida 3. Nebraska 4. North Carolina 5. Kansas/Mo. (one and the same…sorta…). The women in KC are conservative in dress but when they want to dress it up they do so in a class way. Tact. Colors that coordinate, clothing that has respect. Hair, nails, smells of midwestern and southern women exude style and grace. Women of the midwest are also well read and while they do tolerate they’re husband, boyfriends watching shitty teams like the Chiefs, Royals & Rams they know that their ‘men’ like having them around. Equals (for the most part). We don’t have chips on our shoulders. We have a relaxed mindset. Calming. There is very few of that going around in the east.

I love that KC has weather that changes. Mayors that look like they came from the late 70’s. Roads that are constantly being worked on. Don’t like having professional farm leagues (MLB/NFL) but at least we have sports! I like the fact If I’m needing help from my neighbors or strangers, odds are they will help. I used to smoke and if I did in NJ I’d be paying 8.89 per pack. Here in KC is just around 4.50. I can breathe here.

I like KC. I don’t take it for granted.



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3 responses to “Kansas City Positivity

  1. WoW AK,
    you just put down the entire state of NJ based on who what you met / saw in just Atlantic City…….. I B from Jersey and to bash the entire state based on AC?????

    “. . .”

  2. Colleen

    Well I say you just haven’t been to Canada, we’ve got pretty ladies too and even BETTER attitudes!!! 😀 Well…if you don’t admit you’re American 😉 tee hee! I love you all, I swear!

  3. Freddie—omgiputdownjersey!

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