This is satire. The blog may  have useful info but remember this is mostly a satirical site with my narrow world views on display for some to read. It’s not to be taken seriously and if you become offended then don’t read/visit this site. Try not to take life and most importantly YOURSELF too seriously. You are not special to the world. Laugh at things with warmth and compassion. Don’t get your hershey stained BVD’s in a bunch if I post something you don’t like.

I encourage you to reply in the comments section and in all odds I will keep it posted as long as it’s not spam. I maybe have 3-4 regular viewers which is fine by me and it’s not my intention to piss those who read this blog off…my intention for this blog is to post things about the game wow, my guild and my life’s observations.

I hopefully will find more time to post in the coming weeks but with Christmas, Family visiting, Freelance exploding, my company having bought out a competitor in the past week and my kids…well things def. take precedence over writing. By the way, I love to write. At times I wish I could write more indepth articles about life but have fear of retribution, career, family and personal choices that keep me refrained from posting..which is pretty wise. I couldn’t imagine having this media when I was in my late teens early 20’s…I’d have wrecked the ‘web’ with my ignorant, ill-informed opinions on life. Having responsibilities like a career and family tend to reel one in when wanting to spew forth nonsensical bullshit posts. I do see watered down, passive aggressive bloggers doing that on a weekly basis in the form of so called thoughtful and empathic “I want to pose a socially acceptable question to you so you think I’m worldly and then-thi-tive’. *PUKE* I can never do that. Act like a pussy on blogging just to fish for compliments or reinforcing the ideal ‘post’ to which one can get more attention since he/she can’t really handle real life situations. *PUKE again*.

So just a little post about what this site is about…me and my narrow minded life and it’s surroundings.

God Bless You.

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