Kill it.

Grinding up any toon in WoW takes time. One can be power leveled if you have friends willing to help along the way or you can mutli box. They (Blizzard) have made it a lot easier to level up with such things as Heirloom items which stack 10% XP bonus as well as the ‘recruit’ a friend bonus and the tried and true ‘rested’ experience. Obviously things change over time with the game with every major patch. The introduction of cross server que and a minimal wait time PLUS being transported there will get you easy badges and XP.

The addition of this feature will save a lot of accounts, transfers and headaches. Love it so far.

My Paladin SeanCassidy is almost 77 and is a mere 3 bars from it and is currently stationed in the S.Basin skinning like mad. This toon is a pure money maker as his skills are skinning and mining. The basin is the best place for this combo and I’ve seen my gold raise quickly. Looks like tonight or tomorrow I will have to buy cold weather flying and the 5k price for epic flying, this will be my 5th toon for epic flying (that’s 25,000 gold for you math wizards).

Winter Veil is upon us and luckily – time wise – AK has all but the BB achievement to do so I think Wootbeer is next in line to do the quests, tho I will try and get the rest of my active toons to do them as they usually give excellent XP. That was one long run-on sentence above. Thought I’d point that out.

Yesterday on the way to dropping my son off and taking my daughter to her school we – AK and I – stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a cup of coffee for me and a small Latte for her…and a jelly donut. The jelly donut is for her not me…you couldn’t pay me to eat a jelly donut. Long story short we pull up and our order isn’t ready, I hand over my atm card and get the coffee next. Followed by the Latte. Lastly the donut. I pull away thinking they gave my card back…don’t figure this out til around midnight when I was about to go to the boats and play some Poker. Nothing says frantic when you think you lost money, in any form. I used my keen sense of memory rewind and money spent and unless it actually fell outta my wallet it was the only place it could be. I called but it was I waited til this morning and voila they had it in the safe. Moral of the story: Don’t order multiple items at Dunkin Donuts.

My wife and I are on a ‘lifestyle’ change in the form of what we eat. It started just before thanksgiving and I can happily and proudly say that I’ve lost 11 pounds in that time. Alo has lost several but won’t tell me exactly. Our most obvious goal for this eating change is longevity. Being alive to see your kids have their own kids, experiencing everything you can with the little time one has here. Being fat is dumb. Just like smoking is dumb Alo and I conquered the quitting of smoking just over 3 years ago. This is our hurdle of life– over eating, getting fat and being lazy. We’ve tried several variations of ‘diet’ in the past but for whatever lame excuse we would fall back into the routine of large portions and fast food for it’s inexpensiveness and convenience. It’s economically challenging to eat healthy. So, here we are together again making our way down the path of eating healthy using the “Zone” diet/mantra of low carbs- basically anything ‘white’ colored is bad…ala Bread, certain Noodles, mexican food, rice etc. It’s a balance of fruits vegs and meat. Key being that every meal is as balanced as possible. So I eat alot of salads, apples, grapes and cheeseburgers with half a bun. lol  It’s a matter of routine and so far so good!  The best barometer for me is my clothing. Shirts and pants/jeans fitting looser, belt notch not being tapped out and pretty much not feeling like your carrying around a 9 month old baby in one’s belly.

Sam (Samanda) recently has taken his hobby of walking into small “k” events and journals it on his website. Reading it is an inspiration for me– as it’s not some joe blo whom I don’t have any connection to. I think after reading this blog/website one of the elements to him doing it on a regular basis was his GARMIN. He’s a ‘numbers’ guy and number guys like stats– the GARMIN gave him actual numbered goals and can compare it from previous numbers. Am I making sense? lol I recall in guild chat him going over today’s GARMIN numbers with previous and the marriage of technology to his wanting to better himself is very cool to me. That’s our next step and one that will put us over the top or dead even with being healthy. Exercise. I do an eliptical at home for 5 mins at a time and use stairs when I can- like at work where we are on the 4th floor or if I see an escalator next to a set of stairs I go stairs. It’s the small choices that add up.

OK…I’m done rambling, have a good one!


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  1. Sam

    Mr. GARMIN’s biggest change was telling me that to lose weight most effectively I didn’t need to exercise that hard – Eating a balanced diet is awesome and you will lose weight, but the elliptical time will give you the added benefit of stress relief via bio-chemical narcotics! I would highly suggest at least a heart meter – you won’t believe the tiny amount of effort needed to get into and keep yourself in target fat-burning range.
    Quitting smoking did it to me too! that’s probably the healthiest fat you can ever put on… but now that nicotine is behind you, you can drop it.

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