Year in Review 2009

Here is my World of Warcraft Year in Review.

January 09: Naxx is being considered, Logtar hit 80.

Feb: The Phrozen Gang leave to their own destiny, We clear Vault.

March: Naxx Pugging and Tips about WoW

April: I get the Grand Black War Mammoth drop in Vault. Vent bannings and patch 3.1

May: It’s getting WARMER outside!  Fresh recruits.

June: Colleen Retires from WoW (for now) and Beer Party Guild Meetings.

July: Logtard schemes and plans the mass exodus of the core group. Blames it on me being unapproachable. I don’t put up a fight. Why would i? LOL

August: My lil gnome that could WOOTBEER hit’s 80 and quickly gears up. Who knew tanks are needed..let alone Warrior Tanks.

Sept: BREWFEST! Got all except the Kodo. Ram mounts are quasi cool! Patrick quits wow for women.

Oct: Seancassidy takes on Alterac Valley- he levels up quickly!  AK gets the “Hallowed” title. Creeping up on 4500 aps!

Nov: Sean hit’s 70! Tried recruiting again but heart ain’t into it…don’t have much free time to manage kids again. Nor really want to. Wootbeer joins ExALTED guild and is their OT.

Dec: (now) Samanda is running almost 1/2 marathons. Seancassidy is 2 from 80 and the new patch pug is awesome sauce!


Look ahead for The Old School— if I get the want to start recruiting again…I may. Mainly just enjoying what time I do have in game. Funny how things change within one year. Recently been spending more time with ‘real life’ friends offline, focusing on my freelance and it’s paying back dividends: Pathe’s Mobile App  that I did the logos for is top 10 Sports app on the iTunes store. And of course spending time with the family is most important. Topping it off I’m losing weight by eating right (13 lbs now) so I can live a longer life! Fat = dumb. Sitting on ones ass for 3-4 hrs a night isn’t condusive to healthy living.

I think the new BIG Cataclysm will be another success for WoW and it’s players. They keep on keeping on with sweeping improvements, listening to players needs and wants and implementing them. If a start up gaming company ever wants to model themselves after another company look no further than Blizzard.

Hope everyone has a fantastic 2010!


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  1. Jeesh, I didn’t realize all THAT happened within the last year. Time really does fly.

    Haven’t dropped by here much, as have not played in months. Hope your holiday was safe (damn snow).

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