SeanCassidy not ShaunCassidy

It’s my 3rd official level 80 toon in WoW. I went the route of Paladin as I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, being broken, hard to kill and pretty much like Plate wearers. He sat at 50 for months on end even with the recent break off of the guilds core. After which I took advantage of AV and other BG XP bonus. Soon, after what seemed to be 10,000 AV’s he got exalted. The hardest grind was 70-76, it’s those redundant quests in Northlands that you’ve already done with a few other toons. I decided to do other quests I’ve never done which def. helped the monotony. I really love the pug finder feature and from 77+ I’ve used it extensively. I did about 5 Heroics once I hit 80 and was ready for the comments and criticism for not being very good dps, I can’t tank yet but the only drawback is you will run across elitists and rightly so- who want to run thru the instance asap and expect 2800+ dps from the get go. Mine is around 1200 and I’ve got mostly greens. It’s the whole catch-22 with you gotta start somewhere..and it’s as if they had never had low dps and were born with full tier set armor and weapons. I sit back and take the keystroke lashings with swallowed pride, remain respectful and apologize and explain I’m freshly 80.

I decided the day of being 80 to drop my 450 skinning – which garnered me a ton of leather along with the leveling, 15 artic furs, borean, etc. and go with something I’ve never leveled before: engineering. I figured that would be ‘cool’. It is. I was able to get to engineering 345 in 24 hours. Maji was very helpful with some key mats! Thanks Maji. I made my first flying contraption mount last night and while it’s not a ‘fast’ mount it still was hand made by me. I also took up gnomish engineering to see what’s what but did some research and apparently isn’t much different than goblin engineering.


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