Engineering in 34 hrs!


Dated? yes. care? fuck no.

The highest I’ve leveled a character to Engineering was 160 ish. Boring. Engineering is the ultimate selfish profession there is out there for WoW peepz. SeanCassidy (SC) leveled up as a skinner/miner capped both therein. Hit 80 and decided to drop skinning as it’s the most easiest of all gathering profs to level in literally hours.

This isn’t a guide. It’s an exploration of my narrow minded focus of getting immediate instant gratification. Selfish. Yes!!!!  I figured and justified it to myself that I can get to 450 cap Engineering because I deserve it. I’ve put my time in (5 years) and lot’s of cash to this game. Self induced entitlement reigns!!!!!

Here’s what you need.

Ore and the mining skill. Cloth: all cloth. A Blacksmith friend: to make a couple key leveling schematic materials. More ore. All ore.

  • 40 Rough Stone
  • 100 Copper Bar
  • 50 Weak Flux
  • 15 Coarse Stone
  • 39 Linen Cloth
  • 120 Bronze Bar
  • 5 Moss Agate
  • 40 Heavy Stone
  • 80 Wool Cloth
  • 20 Medium Leather
  • 4 Steel Bar
  • 180 Solid Stone
  • 140 Mithril Bar
  • 12 Mageweave Cloth
  • 40 Dense Stone
  • 130 Thorium Bar
  • 20 Runecloth
  • 95 Fel Iron Bar
  • 20 Mote of Earth
  • 10 Mote of Fire
  • 40 Adamantite Bar
  • 30 Netherweave Cloth
  • 284 Cobalt Bar
  • 8 Frostweave Cloth
  • 43 Crystallized Water
  • 10 Crystallized Earth
  • 14 Borean Leather
  • 9 Eternal Shadow
  • 340 Saronite Bar
  • 25 Skinning Knife
  • 25 Minning Pick
  • 25 Blacksmithing Hammer
  • 8 Titanium Bar
  • 2 Eternal Fire
  • 2 Eternal Water
  • 2 Eternal Air

These are rough estimates as you will have the occasional instances where you think you made something and will get a level but simply don’t..even if it’s ‘orange’.  I highly recommend you also get a friend whose into Alchemy with a Master Transmute skill..which I so happen to have on Wookieluv.  Saronite Ore x 8 = 1 Titanium Bar = Easy Money. You can find Saronite most plentiful and occasional nodes of Titanium in and around the hills of WIntersgrasp..or as I like to call it WINERS’grasp. Just make a circle along the edges except the graveyard western area of the Horde as I’ve never seen any spawns there.  Do this for about 1/2 hr and you will have lot’s of Saronite and small stacks of Tits.  Speaking of other friends,  you need a Leatherworker towards the end for the Heavy Borean Leather. I was able to only spend maybe 500g on misc. items total. The majority items I already have and was able to clear out 50% of my personal guild bank.

Good times indeed.

I know this prolly didn’t help much as I said it’s dated and done by other sites but I had fun leveling and was only able to do so with a little help from my friends! Thanks!


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