It’s a crapshoot and my JoCo mumblings.

Gearing up has never, ever been easier in WoW than it is now. Even with a full active guild one can still benefit with the new pug system. Most importantly, you can gear up without fear of hurting your reputation. SC (SeanCassidy) has been pugging ever since level 74 — and it’s hard to find pugs under 80 if you aren’t a tank/healer– and since being 80 my longest wait time was 15 mins and I rack that up to it being Sunday morning.

When I say without fear of hurting ones reputation I mean odds are low (currently) that you will run the same instance twice with the same group. You can experiment in your pug, different rotations, different spells and alternate ways of participating in PvE. You still have to play your part and I guess one could do this on their own server but I’ve noticed our low pop, low geared server has a lot of epeeners who sooner throw you under a Bull Mammoth than be supportive of your lack of dps. SC gets away with low dps because I preface that I’m a newly ‘fresh’ 80 (3 weeks old) and I promise to keep their KINGS and MIGHT always UP. lol I am getting to semi-respectable levels of gear, but I keep flip flopping on which area to focus on. Tankadin, Ret PvE or Ret PvP. I’m still learning the proper rotations. I’m not very confident in tanking but I’ve tanked. I’ve also recently hit the D cap of 540 a couple days ago. I’ve spoke to a few Prot Paladins about their respective rotations and hopefully I’ll get to some tanking this week, though I’m not particularly ‘excited’ about it since I’ve done my fair share of tanking with Wootbeer. DPS is a lot less stressful and more fun for obvious reasons.

I got my lil “puppy pug” last week with SC without even knowing about it, apparently it had been in my mail a few days and the title “Patient” is a major oxymoron title when it comes to my RL. I’ve never been patient with much outside of my career and family…lol

Our guild has some new faces, not much but the quality is there. Had some new people come back after a nice long break/hiatus. Just a matter of time before they get poached. lolz. I do recruit at least once a week now, I know some guilds have capped theirs but I believe in the TOSA way, (The Old School Academy)  in that the more you recruit and get in your guild the odds are higher of retaining the ones that DO fit. Of say 25, 2-3 stay on board and of those 2-3 they become ‘core’ guild players. I’m perfectly fine with that. I just need some help from others to continue to recruit….hint hint.

I think the term of ‘casual’ guild is less and less appealing to others but I can’t help myself of keeping the theme and mantra of my guild to be ‘casual’. I don’t have the inclinations to sacrifice my personal life with my wife and kids for 3-6 hour increments of sitting on the seat of big ass’ness for the epics and dungeons.  I do have inclinations to say “Hey Colleen, Pathe, Maji…wanna do an instance?” Not planned, not scheduled, no pressure, no ‘reading up on it’ or viewing poor quality YouTube videos about where / what to do. Just doing it and being together is enough for me.  It helps alot with the current set up of badge gathering that one can actually be ‘solo’ an gear up to sufficient levels and be successful in WoW*.  I know if I or others want to raid with the raiding guilds of Azshara it’s only a few ‘psts’ and we are good to go.

*Being successful in WoW  in it’s current state is still based on amount of time you spend in it but you can spend a lot less time and be equally ‘geared’ but not necc. equally knowledgeable as a hard core raider who experienced the trash pulls, the wipes, timing and other factors that occur.




My beautiful daughter recently had her celebration of birth last week and I’m slowly but knowingly coming to grips with her being more mature. She’s always been mature minded but physically she’s getting much taller, her facial features are shedding off her baby fat, her style is changing and overall..changing. It sucks. The world we live in (love that prefaced stylized statement…”The world we live in”…) is very cruel and isn’t for the light hearted but I do feel confident with my daughter that she will adjust and god willing keep a faithful heart. I’ve also come to realize my thought on females as a whole are coming to fruition. Women are much more mean and treacherous than men are. In our family life recently and not so recently I’ve been witnessed to my 2 step daughters ‘growing up’– as I first met the youngest when she was 9 years old and her oldest being 12. In that time the drama those 2 have had in school and amongst their so-called friends have all been based off of their ‘friends’. One would sleep with the other or mess around with the other’s boyfriend. Or date the other after the other dated..and most if not all squabbles come from the derivative of ‘boys’.  All very high-schooly and I guess normal but with the recent invention by Al Gore- the internet and media venues like FB and texting– the online bullying of modern day high school is rampant.

Back in my fantastical years of the 70’s and 80’s when someone had a problem with another – at least the guys- confrontation would happen within a course of a school day. By lunch time the two at odds with eachother would engage in animalistic kinetic fist a cuffs in the cafeteria, gym, hall ways, bathrooms (eewww) and of course the parking lots of the school grounds. If it was a ‘big’ fight we’d plan for off campus ruckus at the local 7-11 or McDonalds…parking lots…and if it was a weekend party we’d head to the closest park. We’d use fists, knees, head butts, open hand bitch slaps, pulling hair, scratching eyes and faces. I’d personally use my ‘Westside Wrestling Club’ skills and get my opponents to ‘tap’ out by choking them. Now…fawgetabouttit. There is virtually no honor in HS disputes. Now it’s rumor based. Reputations can be lost in a few characters in a text message. That’s fucked up. IMO.  My friends in HS and Jr. high – most of whom are in my FB friends list.– would never stoop to fucking my girlfriend(s) while I was on vacation or at work. They’d wait til I got back. If they did an ex, I’d careless….They wouldn’t care who I hung out with. They had much more of a family base, work ethic and overall ‘grounding’ of reality in the 70’s and 80’s. Our parents were from the parents of the Great Depression. Our parents, while weren’t the most affectionate generation– were far more focused on reality than my parental generation. Maybe it’s the area. Maybe it’s Johnson County.

I’m going on a tangent. Bear with me.

I’ve lived in Johnson County for nearly 10 years now and being in the Blue Valley area noticed that most parents here are blind on purpose to the fact that their kids are spoiled and never held accountable for their actions. My kids are and I am responsible beings. Is it the lifestyle of the upper middle class that leads them to believe that reality of real life can be avoided by where you live and what you drive & what you are wearing? I guess if you live in that bubble and don’t go anywhere or experience anything else than…I guess you can. ****

To the 2 readers who read me from time to time and don’t live in this area, I live in a county (Johnson) in Kansas where our per capita (money earned) is among the highest in ALL of America. Our schools are ranked among the highest. Our employment is above average and this recession never hit the area. Our tax base could cover the 4 states surrounding KS. For this, anyone living in “JoCo” is given the title of being a snob, yuppie, hypocrital rich peeps who have lost touch with reality. Of course that’s not entirely true, most of us work very hard to escape reality. People who aren’t in JoCo make fun of JoCo with seeds and themes of contempt in their postulating. We do have cookie cutter housing. We do have good schools, roads and shopping. Not my fault. I chose to live here for my children’s education and my job happens to always be in JoCo. With choosing to be here, our kids are now subjected to this new style of bullying…however we aren’t dealing with it as most parents in this area handle it…by ignoring it. We call the parents directly. We call the school officials. We talk to our kids. We give them sound advice on how to handle situations….

Michelle Obama-Jealous of Rich Bitch

I’d not wish to be teen in these times. I’d be in juvy by now.

**** Let me end this non-sensical post by saying I’m a purist when it comes to Capitalism. I believe we need the ‘rich’ and strongly believe that without the rich there’d be nothing to live for- in an economic sense. I’m not one to say “TAX the RICH”– they provide business’s and jobs that employ and pay those workers to pay their own bills and education to better themselves. It’s synergy. I personally strive to make more money to provide for my family. I choose to live where I live so I can have better opportunities in life not just for me but my family. I do live in a cookie cutter house. I do like my food to be tasty. I like not having to dodge potholes let alone bullets and rampant crime. That all said, I’m happy being in my self induced JoCo bubble but I do have distinct realties and first hand knowledge of what life is really like.

Ask my therapist.


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