Another night, another emblem. SC is gearing nicely and without all the hub-bub, bub. Running with the pug system and a few guildies is a nice way to spend an evening, even if Pathe has a headache. I noticed my need for ‘ohh it’s shiney’ syndrome hasn’t waned. I played Devo (71) the other day and loved the ease of play with him. Dot, Dot, FIRE, Dot, Soul drain. I got 3/4 a level in no time and then wondered how long it could take me to get him to 80. Warlocks in the past are overpowered and I don’t think that’s changed. I constantly see them topping charts on DPS and have the wonderful versatility of cookes and summons as well as the SS. Good stuff.  I took a in-house poll with my Wife & Daughter and they both quickly said for me to level Wook……./sigh………….they think Devo is creepy looking. And short.

My hallmark toon “WookieLuv” has been given the back seat for a few years now, amazing I’ve been playing WoW for 5+ years now…while he was my first toon and first to hit the old school level of 60 I tire of ‘pew pew’. I’m sure it’s a matter of me focusing my energy to level up Wookieluv….I just can’t seem to get the motivation.

Maybe if he was a gnome.


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