My Haiti Post

My ideological and world views are considered conservative by current the mainstream. If I were to list out my leanings they would probably be just to the right. I believe in less government but more localized government rule. Less social programs and more privatized & individualistic programs. Defense spending. Not world ‘policing’. Capitalism, not neo-socialism. Strong Family base. Education being #1 in funding. I’m Pro Choice but in that side as a man I’ve no say what a responsible woman should do with an unborn baby, hence pro-choice. If I was a woman I think I’d be against pro-choice depending on the circumstances (rape, incest, deformed, etc.)– then again I’d never want a ‘government’ telling me what I can do with my own body. I digress on that talking point.

When I heard of the earthquake in Haiti my heart was pinged with sadness. I already knew that area was under dictatorship and hard times. When the average wage is $2.00 a week then you know it’s bad all over unless your a high ranking Military/Politician. The island literally sits on a huge fault line. Tons of the US monies is already poured into it for the low quality of basic needs of it’s citizens. A lot of that fund is siphoned off by the corrupt government. Said Government which churns out Dictators who pilfer it’s own peoples for personal gain like Chicken Nuggets is the root problem facing that country. Basic needs and logistics of it’s infrastructure simply isn’t there. They have zero building codes. No emergency responses beyond Hurricane issues.

If the world is to rebuild Haiti they must start with it’s government. Give immediate asylum to it’s citizens if the government remains the same. Bring boats to shuttle them from Haiti to America if they don’t change. Haitians are among the hardest working ethnic classes in America. They fill mostly the public and privatized roles of Healthcare in the form of Nurses, CNA’s and more as well as the mundane ones of cleaning services. My wife has been in the Health Care business of the elderly and specifically the dementia/alzheimers units for years and she raves about Haitians work ethics.

This is the perfect time for our own Government to shine with immediate response to this disaster in the form of not just money but leadership. Plans of action that rebuild that country literally from the ground up with real building codes. Honest contracts with reputible firms not just from the USA but around the world. Hire the native work force and train them with skill sets that last a lifetime. Time is of the essence with this situation, if Obama and his administration waiver with the ‘red tape’ then it will add to the problems mankind faces as a whole.

That’s my Friday bitch post.

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