Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall and Rise

Wootbeer, 80 small midget female tank was recently in the guild named ‘Exalted” til this past weekend when I left. The jig was up a few weeks ago when the GM announced his plan to step down and asked for trusted friends to volunteer to take over. Exalted was built by my guess 6-7 real life friends who work, live in the same city. I came across them back in late Fall via the forums. They were my ideal guild except they had pockets of douche bag kids who like to show their proverbial penis size through insults and slanderings of your own gear, choice of spells or what ever triggers guys like that. I think most guilds  have that, some more than others. (Phrozen comes to mind…cept he didn’t vocalize it…)

So during the Oct, Nov months Wootbeer ran with them, hung out on vent, did the upper end instances but my focus shifted to SeanCassidy and getting to 80. My log ins with Wootbeer waned but whenever I logged in they all greeted me with kindness. We did some Ulduar and such, I believed they had/have a core group aiken to the original Old School pre-BC (Sokym, Me, Cata, Laen, Beigs, McTeague, Trippi).

As the cliche goes, things change. I never found out why the gm decided to call it quits but I emailed him a couple times but nothing back. They had a vote amongst 2 to take over and I guess it was a tie. I look at the guild tab and see people dropping out by the 10’s. I log in a few more times last week to see if I could catch an officer to see if I can help with anything but nothing. I was sad. They had come very far in the realm of progression and have some fantastic people. I’ve learned this lesson..more of a life of gaming lesson many times over the past 8…people will always move onto other things. The only constant would be yourself and what you choose to do. I have the unfortunate trait of sticking with things even when it’s beyond anything progressive. I stuck with Star Wars Galaxies for years beyond the combat revamp and super dumbed down watered version it is today. I played CoH too long but not long enough to get a capped toon. In WoW, which I’ve been playing for 5 years now I’ve started up this guild 4 times over and this last restart has come down to me not wanting to invest time into people who will simply move on. As I know it to be natural my priorities in life aren’t that focused on this game and keeping a guild flourishing and growing as that takes time, patience and trying to make everyone happy. I like our 5 cores and 10 quiet core people that log in everyday. I love seeing 8-9 people on at the same time. Colleen in Dalaran dancing with squirrels. Maji soloing the Temple last night for 3 hours. Argent quietly leveling. Pathe logging in while his wife and daughter are napping. The 3 (quiet) Amigos leveling together almost bot-like. Sam logging in to say HI! Zintadel popping in.

All of that is very, very endearing to me.

I wish the people of Exalted who stayed to make it work and those that left , that they enjoy the new company they keep/make.


This morning I took my son and daughter to school, on the way back of dropping off my daughter I drove by this BBQ place off of 87th street, it was called “Adam’s Rib BBQ“. Of all the lame ass names one could come up with you name it after a biblical character and if my theology knowledge is correct it’s named after a rib that becomes ‘Eve’/Woman???? Really????   I think it lasted my 9 months (irony)..but anyways they’re closed. Sale signs plastered all over it. I never ate at Adams’ Rib nor would I ever want to with a name like that. Worst BBQ name ever.

This weekend we had a co-worker and his family over and my wonderful wife was queen hostess. She grilled huge ass steaks, made her world famous Tater Salad and fixins! While we waited Corey and I played some Magic (The Gathering), he his Vamp deck and me the “Red Deck Wins” variant taken directly from the net. I’ve never seen red come back when down before like this deck does. I was able to come back on 2 occasions being less than 8 life. It wasn’t necc. me that came back but the deck itself which pretty much plays on auto-pilot. His wife even played it and kicked ass. My casual play has picked up recently and as such my interest in other deck archtypes has too. Were looking forward to this weekends Pre-Release of WorldWake.


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  1. Colleen

    I love my squirrel…I’m even starting to get strangers ask me, “Are you always here?” hehe. And for everyone’s info, the squirrel’s name is Trueman (as I have christened him). That was the name of my residence in college and our mascot animal was the squirrel!

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