The other night in guild chat our members were getting achievements left and right. Instead of saying the normal ‘Grats!’ Colleen took the lead and decided to use new words, ones that would get the attention of…someone. So thus, it was started. We don’t “DING” we get something else.  Pathe explores Kalimdor and he gets “SQUIRRELL!!!!!!!LL!L!!!”.  Good memory.

Last night,…rather yesterday I didn’t log in at all. First time in several weeks sans any out of town excuses. I could have. I didn’t. Instead I attempted to do my taxes, got 95% finished. ** Update a day later – last night I got my taxes done. WOOT! I loathe taxes like the next guy except when I’m getting something back. Fed Yes State No.  So even lastnight as well I didn’t log on. My 2 ladeis and I watched the movie “Whip It” by Drew Barrymore about Ellen (Juno) Page joining a Roller Derby team and finding herself. The movie was pretty good with a nice stream of LOL’s and ‘cute’ scenes. The music soundtrack got +4 for having a pivotal scene using “Radiohead”. Tonight I’m going to sit down and show my son ‘TRON’ as it’s on my list of what every man should watch before he’s 21 movie…list.


I’ve been doing something lately I normally don’t do. Read other people’s blogs. Here in KC the blogsphere is filled with a majority of liberals, agnostics, left wing, socialistic liberals, neo-socialist’s, democrats. I have to use all of those generalizations and specific name calling as it’s a wide variety we have in and around the KC area. We have a spattering of centrilists, right wing, conservatives, fiscal conservatives and true blue Republicans but not so much on the blogs here in the midwest. I do feel the pulse of the quiet majority are Republicans but they don’t vote Party only they do pick and choose, as Democrats do – on the issues and persons vs. party mantra. With all that said, I’ve come to the small conclusion that people are giving up on Obama. President Obama.

I read articles about the recent Mass upset, the one where Ted Kennedy recently lost his fight to cancer of the seat he held for 47 years. The long story short, the Democratic party thought anyone they put in the seat, because of the state’s historical voting record, would simply win. They didn’t and as such Obama’s poorly devised plan of Healthcare was shot down due to the vote / seat the just lost. I read local bloggers on the topic then read the comments section. The comments section is a great barometer to gauge your audience, of course you have your anonymous fuck farts who post nonsensical bullshit but then you have the ‘regulars’ who do post consistently. These same veterans who post are the same ones just over a year ago were chanting “OBAMA! OBAMA!” and with the fervor of a whirling dervish are not calling Obama a ‘politician’. They are seeing things *pats self on own shoulder* that I saw when he was campaigning. He’s not a true Democrat. He’s a Politician. He answers to the players behind the scenes in D.C. special interests. Socialistic programs, more Government spending.

In my cynical world & political views, the word Politician means ‘Rich, Power Hungry, Sell Out”. I can’t remember any person in a higher office of politics who isn’t a Politician. It’s the way of our current world. Nothing against Obama, Democrats, Republicans or any of the references to views above, it is what it is. I think people were like me in the initial rumblings of Obama. Change that WOULD change D.C. he would hire up and coming idealists to be on his Cabinet. He would do things no other Prez would never dare to do. I think deep down he wishes he could but the machine that’s in place simply won’t allow him to do so and it would be political suicide to push his personal agenda. I think for what was handed to him from Bush Admins, he’s doing an admirable job. I just feel his bubble has burst and those that LOVED him have lost their own luster for him. The honeymoon is over.

If I were Obama (hehe) I’d move on from Healthcare and focus on Education (he has…btw) and make it priority. His ideals on economics failed. Healthcare, failed.  Go to what I’ve always considered a nation’s most important fundamental, education. Increase the funding for school programs across the board. BAILOUT the local school districts, not the bank execs. Make incentive programs for going to College. If he’s so stuck on social programs create more like ‘Job Corp’. Give full rides to those who commit 3 years service to rebuilding our OWN infrastructure: schools, roads, parks. Give the local Governments incentives to create more schools in the form of tax breaks, lower taxes increase bonds backed by the US. I have a ton of ideas on this. lol  School vouchers for the mean time. (Until the bad districts are up to par – in both state regulations and fiscal).

If your nation is under educated how can you expect it to do great things? We, as a Nation need more schooling. More pay for our underpaid and unappreciated Teachers. Take that billion (a month)were using in IRAQ and make a National Teachers Fund. Ok…I’m done. You get the point. That’s what I would do If I was Obama. I wouldn’t care about being a one termer if it meant I was able to restructure a failing education system into something that will benefit generations and mostly importantly the base of American being at the top of it’s game.

So……in conclusion. Drop Healthcare – unless it’s something that makes sense— like healthcare for the very young and very old. I have NO issues paying extra taxes for that. Stop spending like there’s no tomorrow. Education is the key! Sure it takes longer to see the results but dammit man…it works.

This political post has been brought to you by the makers of Dunkin Donuts coffee. Medium with cream and no sugar.


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