WookieLuv got Lucky?

The harkoa appearance.

WookieLuv my under- loved, geared, appreciated Night Elf Hunter turned 77 last night which meant I hearted to Dalaran and within 1 min of dinging I got cold weather flying. Hopped on my Red Gryphon and headed back to the Basin. I had my monitor set to hold up 2 screens. One showing me where the Elite Loque’nahak spawns and one for my WoW screen. My first pass and 4th spot I see him! My wife was watching TV next to me, we rented Drummer, a Chinese/Taiwanese Foreign film….and I said “Ohhh babe!! I found her!!”  She said “Oh?”. I ignored her “Oh” and jumped off my gryph. I had previously released my FireHawk 10 mins earlier. Being a 76 Elite her (I call anything of beauty ‘her’) hitpoints were around 16k, I wondered if I’d survive the LOVE/TAME/HUG. The lore of the beast is actually a HIM.

I did!!!!!   In only 10 mins of searching I found and tamed a pretty rare beast! Apparently it spawns twice a day. 6 hr timers. It was a thing of beauty and my love tapping almost got me to zero HP’s, I had 1k left.

I haven’t named her…I’ll think on that tonight. Any suggestions are welcome.

More links about a year old pet =D

Thotbot Petopia WoWhead — I found her at the spot to the left of “Wintersgrasp” on the map.

I still have my beloved “AlixAndria” cat (Frost Saber) from WinterSpring and will never ‘release’ her. Mwahahaa. Ha. Ha.

So all in all 1 level and 1 new exotic rare (to me) over the weekend = goodness.

–Btw the movie is called “Zhan. gu”. A good flick to rent. Wife fell asleep but we did have a long day. =D



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6 responses to “WookieLuv got Lucky?

  1. Gratz bro, nice pet! I have flown around trying to find him a couple times but have come up empty. Finally hit 80, so I will probably split time between looking for Loque and Skoll.

    What did you decide on for the name?

  2. Go here for the verified locations: http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=32517

    As I posted, I found him pretty quickly and was very lucky by the lower location near the gorillas near the mountain base.

    I named her after a Flaming Lips song: “Yoshimi”. My next pet will hopefully be Skoll. If I see Loque around and your on, look for a tell. Wookieluv is working on Herbalism so I’m in the area a lot.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Stop by a lot, just don’t always have anything relevant.
    I gotta remember to put Wookieluv and Wootbeer on my friends list. I have AK, but you have been giveing the others a work out lately.

  4. Gratz On Loque’nahak. I got him myself on Christmas morning. And have also found him for another hunter to tame @ another time.
    As far as naming HIM here is his history “loque nahak is a male. He is the Mate of Har’koa who is referred to in-game as a female?

    • Thanks Fred. I thought ‘why not!?’ look and sho nuff got lucky. I know it’s not as ‘rare’ when it came out but ‘he’s’ still a pretty darn good looking cat. I read the lore of the cat beforehand but as I said, something so beautiful should be a “SHE”. lol

      • No doubt definitely one beautiful kitty!! Gratz again!
        But as per Frotos advice, I got me a lv. 80 wolf, I don’t know exactly why, but with a wolf u will see a noticeable increase in your DPS? …

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